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After the Song Couple left, Wei Xin who had been in the office all the time, could not stop herself from asking, "Are you really going to assign him the job?"

Not just Song Jia, even Wei Xin knew Yue Tianxiao could not manage to clear the preliminary rounds of interview. And Song Jia never appointed people whom she thought were incapable.

"Well, they are so hell bent on getting this job for him. Since he want to work, I will make him work." Their was a smirk on Song Jia's face. With just one glance Wei Xin knew she had some plans on her mind.

Had it been someone else, Song Jia would have dealt with it without even lifting her finger, but because it was related to her family matter so she chose to deal with it differently. She had to end this for once and for all because if not for now, they would keep creating chaos to get Tianxiao the job.

"Bring me the list of candidates shortlisted from the interview." She ordered Wei Xin.

After some time Wei Xin placed the list on Song Jia's desk. Putting aside the file Song Jia was reading, she picked up the list and went through the details of all the candidates.

"This is the final list?"

"Yes, this is the final list prepared. The team has not yet decided whom to choose." The list had five candidates for the post of the director in finance department. Song Jia went through the details of all the candidates and then finally settled on a young man near the age of 30. His name was Han Gui.

"Give him a call and confirm his appointment."

"But what about Yue Tianxiao?" Wei Xin was confused. Hasn't boss just said she will think about appointing Mr. Tianxiao. Then why him?

Song Jia read the confusion on Wei Xin's mind but didn't explain anything and Wei Xin did everything as she was told.

After leaving Song Jia's office Song Chen had gone back to his office, while Yue Ling went to check up on her brother.

"Sister, what did she say? Did she agree?" Yue Min was quite anxious and had very little hope of Song Jia agreeing because she not only rejected him straightaway last time, she also humiliated him.

"She said she will give it some thought. I am sure she will agree if Song Chen came to talk to her." Yue Ling said sipping water.

"But why would she listen to brother-in-law? Has their relationship improved lately?"

"No, but he is still her father, and no matter how strained their relation becomes, they both still care for each other." Yue Ling was right, even after not talking to each other for so long, they both cared for each other deep down. After all they were blood related.

But little did she know, Song Jia was a very professional person and would never get her personal emotions affect the work.

The siblings were of the impression that very soon Yue Tianxiao would get his appointment letter. And they were right... But not completely.
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