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Song Jia chuckled hearing Yue Ling's response, "Well then Miss Yue, please let it look like a discussion and not like you are imposing your decision on me."

Song Chen pressed on his wife's arm to motion her to not speak anymore and looked at his daughter, "Xiao Jia, it's a family matter, can't we make a little adjustment?"

"Chairman Song this is a matter of our company and not our family. And even if it is, we are Song Family, not Yue family. I don't see the point in appointing a fool who can't even clear preliminary interview."

"Whom do you think you are calling a fool?" Yue Ling was furious again.

"Isn't that very obvious Miss Yue?" Song Jia's tone was very calm.

"Listen girl, you have no right to call him a fool, AND my nephew is not a fool. Do you get that?"

"Miss Yue, this is my office you are standing in right now. I can speak whatever I want to. If you have a problem, then the door is behind you. And if he was really a genius, he would have if not anything else at least cleared the preliminary interview round. Tut! maybe he is too big of a genius for out company to handle."

"You.." Yue Ling was furious. Her anger made her grit her teeth hard. However she didn't refute more because if Song Jia got angry, she will not let Tianxiao join the company at any cost.

This time it was Song Chen who spoke, "Xiao Jia please think about it." He was insisting on this matter because Yue Ling had been requesting him almost everyday to let Tianxiao join the company. So he finally brought her with him to talk to Song Jia to end this matter once and for all. If Song Jia accepted then that would be great and if she didn't Yue Ling might stop pressurising him.

"Chairman Song, I see you both are quite adamant on bringing Tianxiao to the company." Song Jia's tone was serious.

Yue Ling thought Song Jia was giving this a thought so she could not help speaking again, "Of course, we are family after all."

So now we are family? Song Jia chuckled mockingly but didn't speak anything for some time. Her silence was raising doubts in Song couple's head again.

"What do you think?" Yue Ling was getting impatient.

Song Jia laid back on her chair to think and then spoke without looking in their direction, "Let me think about it."

"Take your.."

"What is their to think Song Jia, why can't you just let him be? Are you enjoying seeing him jobless?" Song Chen bowed his head and pressed his temples hard. His impatient wife could not solve any matter with peace.

"You should be thankful enough that I am even considering this matter." Song Jia's voice carried a strong sense of authority leaving no place for argument. "Wei Xin please don't let Miss Yue Ling in my office next time. This is a work place. Not a place for family discussion."

Before Yue Ling could speak again, Song Chen spoke hastily, "Xiao Jia, take your time and let us know."

He heaved a sigh of relief. At Least she was ready to give it a thought. But for some reason he also had a strange feeling. Song Jia never bent the rules of the company. Then why now?
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