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He was thinking hard what to say. Wei Xin looked at his helpless face and scoffed again.

"Your time is up, don't bother me from now on." She turned to leave.

The man knew he had no choice, so he finally got serious and decided to reveal one thing that would shock this girl beyond disbelief.

He saw her retreating figure and spoke word for word "You have always had a crush on Wu Zihao, second young master of Wu family."

Wei Xin stopped in her track, shock and disbelief was clearly written over her face. How does he know?

He knew something she never told anyone, not even Song Jia knew. She has always had a crush on Wu Zihao ever since school. But she never told him, due to their poles apart family background. Even though she came from a well to do family, her family was no match to Wus. She didn't even dare to dream about his love. They would just run into each other sometimes due to a few common friends and have a casual chat, that was enough to keep her satisfied. But one day, he just disappeared all of a sudden. When she didn't see him for sometimes she asked a few people and found out that he has gone to USA. That was when she decided to give up on him completely and drowned herself in work.

"Ho- How do you know?" Her face had unknowingly turned pale.

"Are you convinced by me now?" Well he clearly knew the answer after seeing the disbelief written all over her face.

"How do you know?"

"This is what detectives do. Don't they?" He asked with a wide grin.

"Fine I give up. I am convinced by your capability." And she was not lying. She was truly convinced by him. To find out such minute detail in such a short span of time was not something everyone could do.

"So should I take it as a collaboration between us?"

"Without a doubt. Meet me at this address at 7 pm tomorrow. We will discuss everything then." She gave him an address and turned to leave.

The man got in his car when Wei Xin suddenly stopped him, "Wait, what is your name?"

The man smiled, flashing his canines, "Fredrick."

--- Song International Corporation ---

Song Jia was busy with her work as usual when Song Chen came in to her office. She had no reaction, because apart from business matter, the father daughter duo never talked to each other. So she knew he has come for discussing business. But after him entered Yue Ling. Song Jia knew what they were here for.

"Chairman Song, what brings you here?" She asked lifting her head from the document she was reading. Even though she didn't acknowledge him as her father, but she never disrespected him and as for Yue Ling, she didn't even treat her like she was present at the moment.

"I have something to discuss with you," Song Chen said sitting on the chair opposite her.

"Hmm, please speak."

He looked a little uneasy before speaking, "I came to discuss about Yue Tianxiao. He wants to work in the comp.."

Before he could complete Song Jia cut him off, "Mr. Song you are very well aware of the rules. No one is allowed to get jobs here based on relationships. If he wants to work here, ask him to clear the recruitment exam and he is welcome."

"Jia, don't think just because you are the president, the company is in your fist. You know very well that your father has all the authority to hire him but just to give you face he has come to discuss this matter with you." Yue Ling was really angry.
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