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"Are my looks not attractive enough to amaze you?" He asked with a smirk.

Wei Xin scoffed, "You wish. Well if you don't have anything worth while to say then don't waste my time. I am running late." She took a step to walk away, before she was blocked by his tall frame.

"I have got a lot to say, but first you have to tell me, am I not handsome enough for you?"

Wei Xin's composure was surprisingly calm. She sized him from head to toe for a brief second and then clicked her tongue, "You even look like a moron." What she meant to say was not only his behaviour, but even appearance was like that of a moron. She sure had a sharp tongue like her boss.

The man's eye darkened and his lips curved in a charming smile. Before Wei Xin could react or speak anything more, he grabbed her by her wrist and started walking, forcing her to come with him.

Wei Xin was surprised with this sudden action, and tried to wriggle free, "What the heck are you doing?"

"Taking to amaze you." His grip was too firm for Wei Xin to wriggle out, yet she didn't stop trying. He pulled her towards his car and with one effortless pull brought her in front of him, making her lean against the body of his volkswagen. He blocked her escape by resting his hands on the car, with Wei Xin standing between his arms.

"Do you have a death wish?" She growled.

The man inched closer to her face, looking straight in her eyes. This strange behaviour of his, made Wei Xin hold her breath in nervousness. She even forgot to react.

"Do i really look like a moron?" He asked with a sad face, but his eyes were glittering with mischief.

His question brought Wei Xin back to her senses. But this time instead of answering, she lifted her right foot and then stomped the heel in her shoe at his feet. The man's body doubled and he bent froward moaning with sudden pain. Seeing that his attention was focused on his pain, she brushed his arm away and tried to escape. But the man was quick and pulled her back.

"Feisty lady why are you in such a hurry?" His forehead still had frowns and he was rubbing his hurt foot against the calf of his other leg. Thanks to his shoe, or his toes would have broken.

"I have to get to work, I am not like you, useless." Wei Xin was on the verge of shouting. This man was getting on her nerve.

"Fine, I will be serious now. Pinky swear." He stuck out his pinky as a gesture of pinky swear.

Wei Xin's jaw almost dropped. Which grown up man pinky swears? She opened and closed her mouth multiple times but no words came out. But she finally realised she can't escape him so she decided to just listen to him and get done with it.

She glanced at her watch, and spoke in a very serious tone, "You have one minute to convince me, and if you can't then don't show me your face again."

The truth was after visiting the agency's website, she wanted to hire them for investigation, but this man's attitude was getting on her nerve. However keeping her annoyance aside she decided to give him a chance. Who knows he might prove useful.

"One minute?" The man was surprised.

How could he convince her in one minute?

Is she nuts?

Okay fine I ruffled her feathers first.

"Fifteen seconds gone." Wei Xin reminded him insouciantly.
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