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It was still quite early in the morning and Wei Xin was sound asleep, when her phone started ringing.

She was a light sleeper and the loud ring startled her. She picked up her cell phone and with half open eyes saw it was an unknown number.

'Who would call me at this hour?'

"Hello." Her voice was raspy due to sleep.

"Hello, what did you want to get investigated?"

Wei Xin was confused, she looked at the time on her phone and it was barely 5 in the morning.

"Hello are you there?"

"Don't you think you should first introduce yourself?" She asked from under her duvet, Swiping her shoulder length hair away from her face.

"I am from Secret detective agency. You contacted me. Remember?" His voice was quite enthusiastic.

Wei Xin "..."

"So I am at your service."

Wei Xin was now wide awake. This idiot has the balls to call her back after hanging up on her face yesterday. Who does he think he is?

"But my service has rules." Her tone was casual, but she was fuming in anger inside.

"What?" The enthusiasm in his voice didn't fade even a bit.

She sat up in the bed after flinging the duvet aside. She smiled before she answered in a very poised manner, "I don't appoint morons." Ha it is so satisfying, you rejected me yesterday. I reject you today. Haha.

The man on the other end stayed quiet for a moment before he boasted, "Ay, Young lady, I am a detective and not a moron. Are you doubting my capabilities?"

"I doubt if you have any." Wei Xin chuckled.

"Let me prove my capabilities to you." Without waiting for her response, he hung up.

Wei Xin looked at the screen of her phone for a moment in confusion, but then shook her head and got out of the bed. Since her sleep was already disturbed, she got to her morning chorus, not giving much thought to the stupid man's words.

At sharp fifteen minutes past eight, she left her house, to go to the office. Just as she stepped out of the building, a male voice called her from behind.

"Miss Wei Xin." The voice came from somewhere nearby.

She paused and looked around, there were very few people around, but she found no familiar face so she thought she must be hearing things and started walking again.

This time the voice was louder, "Miss Wei Xin, still doubting my capabilities?"

Why do these words feels familiar? No way that moron is here!!

Out of curiosity she stopped again and this time saw a man putting aside the newspaper in his hand, that was initially hiding his face and staring at her. He was standing against the wall of a shop nearby her residency.

He had a lanky body and the long trench coat that he was wearing made him look even more tall. With three long strides he reached close to her and said, "In just three hours I have found out your history, you will still doubt my capabilities?"

"Secret Agency?" Wei Xin asked raising an eyebrow.

The man nodded his head with a smile, "You are right."

"Ha, what is so great if you found out my house and my name? Anyone can do that."

"If I told you about your family, would you still say that? Not just your family, even your extended family. I know everything." The man had a mysterious smile on his chiseled face that made him look quite gorgeous.

"Amaze me." Wei Xin crossed her arms in front of her chest and waited for him to speak. She really had no hopes from this man and expected him to just blabber gibberish.
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