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Wu Zhang tittered, but then gained his composure when Song Jia glared at him fiercely. She looked like a wild cat. So sexy!!

"Wu Zihao, do you have a death wish?" She asked angrily. Who eavesdrops like that?

"Ay! Ay! Who was eavesdropping? I came here to take a call, who would have thought I'd run into the honey and honey bee here." Wu Zihao was still laughing.

"Wu Zhang would you mind if I beat him?" Song Jia asked Wu Zhang as if she was just waiting for his affirmation and would behead his brother without delaying for even a second. Her face has turned dark and she was feeling quite bashful to be caught like this by Wu Zihao.

"He is your friend. I have nothing to say about it." Wu Zhang shamelessly sold away his brother.

A certain someone who was about to cry after being ditched by his brother whined as if he was wronged, "Are you really my brother?"

Song Jia obviously had no intention to hit him and was enjoying the show, with a victorious smile on her face.

"Yes, but things between you two isn't my matter." Wu Zhang said as a matter of fact.

"Then you should not mind if I hit her back. Right?"

Wu Zhang protectively pulled Song Jia closer and knocked Wu Zihao's head, "Look carefully, what do you think who's woman are you talking about."

"Whoa Whoa Whoa brother, so now she is your woman when I talk about beating her back?" Wu Zihao spoke like the whole world has ditched him.

"Haha!!" Song Jia could not stop laughing after bullying her best friend.  "This is my revenge for the time you bullied me at school."

"I want to die." Wu Zihao ran away like a child who has been hit, to hide in his mom's embrace. And Wu Zhang and Song Jia chukled.

"Let's go."

"Yes." Song Jia nodded her head and they went towards where the elders were seated.

"So I finally get to meet the woman Zhang chose for himself." Mo Biyu said with a smile. She was initially a little disappointed over Song Jia's choice of gift because she thought she has made the Wus loose face in front of so many people. But after the gift was unwrapped she was more then happy.

"Hello Aunty." Song Jia answered with a smile. It felt good to be called Wu Zhang's woman.

"Ah child, don't be so formal with me. Since Zhang chose you, you are a family to us." Mo Biyu said adoringly.

Seeing Song Jia getting well along with the family, Wu Zhang went aside to make some calls.

"Song Jia, now you should come visit us more often. Call me when you are free, we can go out shopping together, like mother and daughter." Mo Biyu was quite enthusiastic. She had no idea, what impact her words have left on Song Jia.

Song Jia felt quite emotional. It had been long since she felt so much warmth hearing the word 'mother.' This word always seemed quite distant to her, but today it felt different.

Mo Biyu didn't sense anything different and continued talking to Song Jia, until Old Madam Wu noticed Song Jia and came towards them.

"Song jia, come sit with this old lady." For Old Madam, this was the best birthday she has had. She was finally able to meet her granddaughter -in- law. What more could she ask. Mo Biyu signalled Song Jia to go over.

"Grandma, I am sorry for what happened earlier. I did not intend to create a scene." Song Jia apologised with a sincere expression.

"Silly girl, why do you apologise? I didn't mind at all. In fact --- " She looked around to make sure no one was listening and then continued, "I quite liked that you are not easy to bully."
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