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Song Jia clearly understood Fei Yan's motive to come seeking for her right now. She was trying to smoothen things out, so they don't blow out of proportion. So to provoke her more, she intentionally leaned her head on Wu Zhang's muscled chest and held his hand coyishly and started swinging it back and forth slightly. Wu Zhang pulled her closer adoringly and rubbed her back with other hand. And as for Fei Yan he had no reaction, like she didn't exist for him.

She gave a mocking smile to Fei Yan and waited patiently for her to speak. As if she was saying, 'he is my man, do whatever you can.' Whereas when Fei Yan saw them acting all lovingly, she almost lost her cool and forgot what she has originally come to say.

"Miss Fei.. don't you want to say anything?"

"Uh.. Yes.. I just wanted to apologise for what I said earlier. I hope you don't mind."

"It's alright Miss Fei. But please excuse us. We were going to meet my boyfriend's family." She has specifically put extra emphasis on 'my boyfriend' to show Fei Yan her place. Her tone was coated in multiple layers of sugar, but her words were as sharp as knives.

Fei Yan just smiled awkwardly and before she could manage to say anything, Song Jia pulled Wu Zhang away by his arm. As they were walking towards where the elders of the family were sitting, Song Jia murmured in an annoyed tone, "Why is that annoying fly everywhere my honey is?"

Wu Zhang smiled ear to ear when he heard her words and stopped on his way. Never in his twenty eight years of life would he have ever thought that he would find such cheesy words romantic. He turned to face her and asked in  amusement. "Who is your honey?"

Song Jia's face blushed red as she realised she has spoken out her thoughts a little too loud. She didn't say anything and just smiled shyly.

Wu Zhang asked again, "Who is your honey Xiao Jia?" 

"Don't loose focus. We have to meet your parents." Saying this she turned around to walk again.

Wu Zhang was quick and grabbed her wrist to pull her back. He held her firmly by her shoulders and asked again, with happiness beaming in his eyes. "I want to know." He clearly knew the answer but wanted to hear it from her. He couldn't suppress his happiness after seeing his woman drinking vinegar earlier and now behaving so shy.

She shyly stuck out her index finger and pointed towards his chest and then whispered softly, "you."

"What? I can't hear you." He took his ears closer to her mouth dramatically as if she was not audible. "Speak again. Louder this time."

"You." She said again.

"What you?"

"You are."

"Xiao Jia I am what?"  He just could not let go of the opportunity to hear an endearment from her mouth for him.

"You are my honey." She was feeling really bashful right now so she spoke hurriedly and tried to leave.

"Pfft." A certain someone who was standing behind the pillar next to them, eavesdropping, could not contain his laughter anymore and guffawed loudly, spitting the champagne in his mouth on the floor.

Startled by such devilish laugh, Song Jia and Wu Zhang turned to look at the sound and found a guilty Wu Zihao clutching his stomach and laughing hard. He was laughing so hard that tears swam in his eyes.

"Hahahhaha.." he stood with the support of the pillar. If it was not a party he would be rolling on the floor and laughing.

"What is so funny Wu Zihao?" Song Jia asked annoyed. She knew he was laughing at their conversation, but she would not admit it.

"Xiao Jia can I ask you a..  hahahah..  question?" He could barely speak.

"What question?"

"If my brother is your honey, are you his honey bee?"
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