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"This..this..." Fei Yan was stuttering to speak but she had nothing to say. Her face has turned a dark shade of red from embarrassment.

"Old madam," Jade King turned towards old madam and returned the basket. "Miss Song came to me last week and asked me to create this basket for you. Because the time was less I had worked day and night to create it. I am sorry, I could not tolerate when my work was being called cheap." He apologised by bowing deeply.

"Ah! Mr. Xu, don't be apologetic. It's alright. If not for you I would not have known what this basket was actually made of until the end of the party." What her words actually meant was 'that if not for you, my future granddaughter -in- law would have been bullied by this stupid girl. Old Madam smiled, looking proud and utterly pleased. Her grandson would never make a mistake in choosing his life partner.

"Is that a lotus in front?" The same woman who was earlier mocking Song Jia, in a hushed tone spoke loudly this time. Obviously trying to brown nose old madam.

"Yes, that is a lotus. We all know how much old madam believes in Buddhism, President Song is indeed quite smart, to give something symbolising buddhism." The other woman echoed along with her companion.

Fei Yan glared angrily at the ladies, who have switched their colours quicker then chameleon. Well, all she could do right now was glare. She has already thoroughly embarrassed herself and she didn't want to do it more.

Wu Zhang was in a really bad mood, how dare these people bully his sweetheart. The only thing that calmed him down was that his sweetheart came out victorious. He had originally invited her to introduce her to his family, but he was now in no mood to do it. So he pulled her away to a corner, sitting on a table next to each other and asked the waiter to bring her some food.

"I am sorry." He looked upset. The man who ruled the business empire in the country was apologising, that too for something which was not even his fault.

"What are you apologising for?" Contrary to him, Song Jia was quite pleased. She had thoroughly enjoyed the look on Fei Yan's face.

"I didn't want to cause you trouble." His eyes were still upset.

"Don't feel sad. I enjoyed the show." She said with a wink. Well she face slapped her romance rival without even lifting a finger. Why would she not be happy.

Wu Zhang laughed hearing her response, feeling better now. His woman was not someone to be bullied easily. While they were still talking, the waiter brought the food for them.

"What if Jade King would not have come that time?"

"Then I would have told grandma to unwrap it. Simple." She said sipping on her wine. Obviously she was not going to tell him that she has had a chat with Jade King before coming and has coordinated her time according to him. Thanks to Wu Zihao's warning call, that she took precaution.

"Don't drink too much." Wu Zhang took her glass in a domineering manner and pushed the plate of food to her. The couple looked so much in love. Mo Biyu and old madam, who were observing them from a distance exchanged a look and smiled happily.

"Shall we go and meet your parents? I didn't greet them." Song Jia asked.

"Do you want to?" He asked carefully.

"En." She nodded her head slightly.

"Okay then let's go." He wiped the corner of her mouth with a napkin.

"Miss Song." The couple has just gotten up, from their place when Fei Yan approached them. She was here to smoothen things that has blown out of proportion. She didn't want to get in Wu Zhang's bad books.

"Yes, Miss Fei..." Song Jia said with a lazy expression. She knew Fei Yan must be mad right now. She has caught it in the first meeting itself that Fei Yan liked Wu Zhang. And being a woman herself, she could clearly sense the jealousy in her eyes that Fei Yan had for her.

But Song Jia was not someone to be bullied so easily. She sure looked gentle, but she was not weak.
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