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A middle aged man in dark brown suit stepped forward and stood in front of Fei Yan confronting her. His expression looked displeased.

"Mister Xu... Jade King?" Fei Yan was a little confused to see Xu Guotin. What did this man mean? And what was he calling to be his work?

Xu Guotin was the owner of the most expensive Jade store chain in the city, Treasure Hut. His store's jade were said to be the most expensive and the finest in quality and he was famous with the name Jade King in the city. Their was not a single person in the upper circle who didn't know him.

"What do you mean by your work Jade King? What is you work?"

"The basket that you just called cheap is my work Miss Fei. I created it personally." He said in a very cold voice.

"What a joke Mr. Xu? Why would you create a cheap basket like this?" Fei Yan's confidence was wavering a little after seeing Xu Guotin. But she has come this far already so their was no way she could tread back.

"Fei Yan, who are you to call someone else's gift cheap?" Grandma Wu could not take it anymore so spoke in a stern voice, looking very displeased. Even Mo Biyu was not liking this behaviour of Fei Yan.

"Old madam Wu, please let me handle this." Xu Guotin said humbly to old madam. And then glanced at Fei Yan like she was an idiot. "Well as for you Miss Fei, I think you should take a look at the basket first before calling it cheap." His voice was ice cold now. Where as his face was as black as the bottom of a kettle.

Song Jia on the other hand looked relaxed, sipping wine from her glass as she gave a warm smile to Wu Zhang. Earlier he was anxious because even he didn't know what Song Jia had gifted his grandmother. Neither did he ask nor did she tell. Obviously he didn't care about the gift, but he cared for her reputation.

Finally after seeing Xu Guotin interfering, he relaxed. Because now he knew what the 'cheap' basket was made of.

Fei Yan was speechless to hear what Xu Guotin said. She initially thought he was joking when he said 'his work'. But his serious expression now clearly showed that he was not.

And if he was serious for the basket being his work, she didn't need to be told, what was the basket made of.

"Well if Miss Fei is so hesitant, then let me do the honour for you." Xu Guotin turned towards the old madam extending his hand as he requested to take the basket from her, "Old Madam Wu, may I please?"

Old Madam looked a bit hesitant at first and glanced towards Wu Zhang. After she got an assuring look from her grandson, she quickly passed over the basket.

Xu Guotin carefully emptied the content of the basket in a small tray that a waiter brought over and then slowly unwrapped the pink paper. A transparent green colour came in everyone's view. 

After the basket was unwrapped, what came out surprised everyone, making their jaws drop.

The whole basket was made of jade. Not just any jade, but Imperial Jade. The basket was even bigger then the size of a basket ball and was completely made of Jade with a lotus carved in front.

Fei Yan was dumbstruck after seeing the jade basket.

"Well if you still doubt it, let me clarify. This is pure Imperial Jade. And I crafted it personally for Miss Song." He glanced mockingly at Fei Yan and continued, "I wonder what brain of yours made you think that this basket is cheap." Xu Guotin was a sharp tongued man and he could not take it when someone called his work cheap. How could his work, the Jade King's work be cheap? Huh!!
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