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It Was not just Fei Yan, everyone else present was surprised too. Who was this woman and how did she have the audacity to give such a cheap gift to the Old madam Wu?

Wasn't it an insult to the old madam?"

"Who is this stupid woman gifting nothing but eggs to the old madam?" One of the middle aged women, standing behind Fei Yan said in a hushed voice to another women standing with her.

"Haha.. what a joke. She sure has some guts." The other woman mocked along. But she was a bit louder.

They were all ultra rich people, coming from families one better then the other. They had all come with the purpose to kiss Wus' ass by presenting them with expensive gifts. How could they bear to see that a woman, who gave such a stupid gift was being so well received by Old Madam.

Fei Yan heard everything and her lips curved upwards. She understood that people didn't recognise Song Jia. She was a very low key person and never liked attending gatherings and events with too many people. So it was natural for them to not know her.

"Thank you child. I am..." Before old madam could finish her sentence, Fei Yan hurried towards them and greeted Song Jia loudly. "So we meet again President Song?"

All the heads now turned to Fei Yan. President Song? Their was only one President Song in the city that was recognisable in the upper social circle and it was the President of Song International Corporations.

Song Jia turned to the direction of the voice and greeted Fei Yan politely, "Miss Fei Yan, good to see you." She has easily recognised her from the university ball.

"Miss Song Jia, how are you." She was intentionally loud to let every one know it was Song Jia from the Song International Corporations. Her intention was clear, she wanted to humiliate her. Song Jia understood her intention quite well. She knew she was being loud on purpose.

Well she couldn't help it. Who told her to bring such a cheap gift.

Someone from the crowd immediately recognised Song Jia and exclaimed loudly, "Isn't it the Song Corporation's president, Miss Song?"

While another voice came, "I didn't know Songs are so stingy. Giving eggs for birthday gifts. Haha."

"That too in a cheap basket. It must be really cheap, so to save face she covered it well with wrapping paper."

The crowd burst into laughter. Song Jia was about to say something, when her eyes fell towards the entrance. A man she recognised quite well has just entered and was coming towards them. So she quietened down. But Wu Zhang has turned red from anger. Just as he was about to open his mouth, a soft hand fell on the back of his palm. He bowed down his head to look and it was Song Jia. She was holding his hand to stop him.

She gave him an assuring look with her eyes and held his hand tightly. Wu Zhang quietened and held back his anger.

"Miss Song, don't you know it is disrespecting to give such cheap gift to an elder for their birthday?" Fei Yan asked in a tone as polite as it could be. Where as she was mocking her deep inside. Her words were meant to give an impression that she was close to the Wu family and Song Jia was an outsider. She could not believe this woman would spoil her image herself and all she had to do was add fuel to the fire.

Good thing she came tonight and burnt her path herself. If she is humiliated enough tonight, then she would not want to be seen with Wu Zhang again.

Not just grandma Wu, even other members of the Wu family have turned awkward. A lot of people were present tonight, and grape vine could not be prevented in such gatherings. This could create a negative image for Song Jia.

"Calling my hand made work cheap, that too in front of me. Isn't it a little too inappropriate Miss Fei?" Everyone's head once again turned to a new direction. People were curiously looking for who the owner of the voice was.
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