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Hearing Song Jia's dumb question Wu Zhang broke into a hysterical laughter, making Song Jia even more confused. Just as she was about to refute she noticed how dangerously gorgeous this man in front of her looked. He had voluminous jet black hair a perfect contrast to his fair white skin while his small eyes were a light shade of brown and looked really cute. Although he was wearing a suit but his perfectly toned body and strong built could not be hidden. He had a poised presence and sharp facial features making him an epitome of handsomeness. Seeing he had no intention of giving a pause to his laughter she asked "What are you laughing at? Are you a lunatic?"

"I should be the one asking you this.... haha. I guess your fever has affected your mind" Wu Zhang could not help laughing.

His laughter was annoying Song Jia more, making her impatient "will you tell me now?" she enunciated every word gritting her teeth.

"Fine.. fine I'll tell you." He stopped laughing and straightened his posture before answering, "first of all I am Wu Zhang and I found you unconcious near the East hill lake this morning, you had fever so i brought you home, and right now you are at Wu mansion." hearing his answer put Song Jia at ease, just as she opened her mouth to say something, he cut her " I know you want to ask about how do I know you, don't worry I won't kill you" he easily read her mind, and chuckled. "You are the president of Song International Corporations so knowing you is no big deal." He went silent and looked at her face, she has by now let her guard down and looked a lot more at ease.

"But tell me one thing, what were you doing near the lake and why were your clothes wet? It seemed like you had been their all night."

His question made Song Jia realise she was in different clothes right now, she stole a glance at him first and then looked around the room, wondering who changed her clothes. Because their was no other person visible so she could not help her thoughts running wild. Noticing her change of expression Wu Zhang asked "what happend?"

"Umm... I was thinking..." she paused, not knowing how to ask the question, and hung her head low gazing at the bedsheet, while he waited for her to finish.

"You were thinking...?" his question made her prompt her thought in one breath "I was thinking who changed my clothes" and she closed her eyes immediately, feeling awkward.

Hearing her question his lips curved upwards as he said. "their is no one else present here, who else do you think did it?"

"WHAT?" hearing his response Song Jia immediately covered her chest with her arms as a reflex while her eyes opened wide in shock. "You changed my clothes?" she asked to confirm glaring at him, ready to kill him.

"Yes" he answered as a matter of fact, "they were wet and you had fever, so I had to do it" he said shrugging his broad shoulders and supressing his smile. He had sent the maids away because he wanted to have a good look of her before she woke up, but never did he thought that she would be so 'intelligent' to assume out of nowhere that he has changed her clothes.

Hearing his words made Song Jia forget her illness and she was ready to pounce on him and kill him. But Wu Zhang was a step ahead, he got up from his chair and held her down by her shoulders. "Hey, hey relax. I was just teasing you. I didn't do it. I have maids around here, they did it. Relax. I am a pure gentleman." He said like he was wronged. "Who would say you were burning with fever this morning. Look at you, ready to kill."

Song Jia's face turned red after what he said, she felt so embarassed she wanted to go back and jump in the East hill lake.
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