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Mo Biyu who was sitting beside Old madam, unwrapped the gift for her and pulled out a leafy green Cashmere Coat, the coat was tucked with buttons that were slightly bigger then the size of a thumb pad and were made of Imperial Jade with total of eight buttons on it. The gift was both expensive and considerate.

"Such a good child. A perfect gift for elder people." One of the ladies standing nearby, who was a relative of Fei Yan commented.

"She has always been a very good child."  Mo Biyu said with a smile on her face. She has always treated Fei Yan as her daughter, so she was naturally happy to see her gift. On the other hand old madam didn't react much. She was the old madam of the Wu family and lacked nothing. Such materialistic gifts didn't mean anything to her. However to give Fei Yan some face, she smiled politely.

And soon after other people nodded their heads in agreement. They were impressed by her gift.

Fei Yan had a smug smile on her face. She looked in the direction of Wu Zhang, who was bringing Song Jia over to introduce her to the family. She was sure he has seen everything and expected him to be impressed.

"Are you nervous?"

Song Jia was constantly fidgeting her fingers and Wu Zhang had noticed it. She had never felt the love of family, so being nervous to meet his family was obvious. She nodded her head in response. "A little."

He took her hand in his and patted the back of her palm, "Don't be. I am with you."

"OK, let's go." They walked towards old madam hand in hand. And that is when they saw Fei Yan being praised by everyone.

"Grandma, I have brought someone to meet you." Wu Zhang said with a smile. All the guests nearby turned their head towards them. Everyone was curious to know who the pretty woman with Wu Zhang was.

Old madam's facial expression immediately brightened seeing the beautiful woman standing with her grandson. She had somewhat guessed that she is the girl Wu Zhang had mentioned.

"Meet Song Jia, Xiao Jia this is my grandmother." Wu Zhang introduced the two ladies as he placed his arm around Song Jia's back and pulled her closer, squeezing the side of her arm lightly. This little gesture comforted her a lot and the last bit of nervousness got erased.

"Hello grandma, I am Song Jia." She greeted the old woman with a smile. "Happy Birthday grandma, I wish you live long "and she extended her hands to present her gift, that she has prepared for the old lady.

It was a basket completely wrapped in pink wrapping paper and in the basket were four hard boiled red dyed eggs, along with eggs were some traditional chinese health tonics.

Old madam smiled brightly seeing the gift. An old lady who had all the money in the world could only wish for long life. And the eggs were a symbol of longevity. It was what she called a considerate gift. She placed her hand on Song Jia's cheek and patted it adoringly where as Mo Biyu was a little displeased. But she didn't let it show on her face.

Fei Yan who was standing just a little distance away was burning with jealousy. She tried to supress her anger by piercing her nails in her palm. She dug it so hard that her knuckles turned white whereas her delicately made up face turned dark.  She could not bear to see that the old madam received Song Jia's cheap gift with so much enthusiasm, while the gift for which she spent a  fortune was not even spared a second glance. How could the old idiot be so happy to see four cheap eggs in a filthy basket?
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