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Only Fei Yan knew how badly she wanted to be his sweetheart, his lover, his everything. But every time she tried she failed. She was not only angry right now, but also hurt. Deeply.

'Please buddha, please let it not be Song Jia.' All she could do right now was pray that the person Wu Zhang just talked to, to not be Song Jia.

She stood beside the end of the staircase with her fingers crossed and eyes fixed on the entrance. Tan Yong who was still standing at the same place, had seen the entire scene unfold. He knew Fei Yan liked Wu Zhang. And he has seen the disappointment in her eyes. Silly girl, she was so silly that she has turned blind. So blind that she could not see his love towards her.

He sighed and gulped down the entire wine in his glass.

The last string of hope Fei Yan was holding onto, also got broken because soon after Wu Zhang entered the hall holding hands of a woman. The entire venue turned silent for a moment and all the heads turned towards the door.

The woman wore a yellow strapless gown with copperish golden embroidery in the front. The dress emphasised her perfect waistline and her delicate collar bones, showing off her smooth jade like skin around the neck and shoulders. She has paired her dress with crystals encrusted high heels and golden coloured earrings. Her waist long hairs were tied in a loose bun while a few locks fell softly on her delicate face. She looked like a freshly blossomed delicate sunflower.

If their was anyone who was not surprised with the woman's beauty, they were shocked seeing Wu Zhang entering with a woman. He had been seen hanging around with various women in the past but it was the first time, he brought some one to such an important occasion. This woman must be someone important. The way Wu Zhang looked at her, told everything.

The silence was finally broken by the clicking of another pair of heels, that came from upstairs. Grandmother Wu was standing along with Mo Biyu. She was wearing a peacock blue cheongsam and her half grey hairs were tied in a neat french bun. The old woman despite her age still looked elegant and highly sophisticated.

The two ladies climbed down slowly, while the hall returned to its previous liveliness.

Fei Yan who has received such big shock immediately rushed outside to the garden in a corner and called Xiaozhi, she picked up the call after four rings.

"You bitch, can't you do a single task properly?" She was fuming with anger.

Xiaozhi who had no idea what Fei Yan was talking about asked hesitantly, "What happened young miss?"

"What happened? You ask me what happened?" She was gritting through her teeth. If Xiaozhi would have been in front of her, she would have smashed her head.

"You said that Song bitch received the pen drive. Then why is she still here?"

"Young Miss I saw the nanny taking it inside. She must have given it to her." Xiaozhi was getting a head ache with so much drama. She saw the envelope was taken inside by the nanny, but how would she know what happened afterwards.

"You can't do a single task properly. Useless dog. I will deal with you tomorrow." Fei Yan hung up the phone angrily. She was trembling with anger. To calm herself she took a few deep breaths and then went back inside.

Guests started wishing the old madam and presenting their gifts one by one. Fei Yan also went to her and greeted her politely, "Happy Birthday Grandma."

The old madam didn't really like Fei Yan but chose to be polite. So she smiled back and nodded her head, "Thank you."

"I brought this especially for you grandma. Please have a look." She handed her a long rectangular gift wrapped box.
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