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Various expensive and luxurious cars were entering through the doors of the Old Wu Mansion. People stepping down from them were big shots from all walks of life. It was a grand celebration. And all the guests present tonight had one sole motive, To suck up to the Wus.

Soon after a white Audi entered the doors and a woman in pink gown stepped down. Fei Yan was indeed looking beautiful. After pulling off her coat and handing it to a maid at the door, she entered the hall. The decoration was grand, and the atmosphere was lively. Her eyes scanned through the lengths of the hall, looking for one particular person, Wu Zhang.

She was busy looking for her beloved man, when someone tapped her shoulder from behind. She turned around and it was Tan Yong.

"Fei Yan, you are looking beautiful." His eyes had a spark after seeing Fei Yan. The pink dress was complimenting her fair skin quite well.

"Thank you Tan Yong." She responded very formally because she was not really interested in making small talks with him. Her eyes were looking for Wu Zhang.

And soon after, she spotted Wu Zhang climbing down the stairs. He wore a wine red custom made suit, looking dangerously handsome and Fei Yan could not shift her eyes away from him. Tan Yong who was standing beside her was a keen observer. He had clearly noticed her indifferent attitude towards him and the spark in her eyes when she saw Wu Zhang. He looked disappointed, but Fei Yan didn't notice it.

"Please excuse me Tan Yong." She immediately excused herself and rushed towards Wu Zhang, to talk to him. She has been looking forward to this moment for a long time and she finally got it. Wu Zhang was all for her because Song Jia won't be coming tonight.

"Hello Wu Zhang." Fei Yan could not suppress her ear to ear smile as she went closer to him.

"Hey, Fei Yan. How are you?" Wu Zhang was the host tonight and didn't want to be rude to his guests so he conversed politely.

Did he just ask how am I? I knew he cared about me. It's me whom he loves and not that vixen. He was just possessed by her temporarily. Great that she is out of his life now. Fei Yan was already on the ninth cloud.

"I am fi.." fine. Before she could finish her sentence, Wu Zhang's phone rang, and his attention shifted to it. He pulled it out from his suit jacket and turned all smiles, seeing the caller.

Fei Yan curiously turned her gaze towards the screen and was shocked to see that in the caller Id, it was a picture of Song Jia while the name was saved as "My Sweetheart."

Is it really Song Jia? Why is that bitch still calling her man? Shouldn't they have just broken up by now?

Wu Zhang showed a hand to Fei Yan, signalling her to stop and then left after apologising. "Excuse me, I need to take this call.

Fei Yan clutched her fists into tight balls. She was so angry right now, but she had no choice. Her gaze silently followed Wu Zhang as he went away.

"Hey where are you?....reached?... Okay I am coming outside...

Wait for me." Wu Zhang had gone to stand far from Fei Yan and the conversation between them was not audible. But Fei Yan was a good lip reader and has easily understood the conversation.

She could not believe what she just lip read. She had seen the image in caller id and she has read Wu Zhang's lip. Their was no way her lip reading could be wrong, so the person he was going to receive was really Song Jia? How is that possible?
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