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Wei Xin immediately went through the details and gave them a call.

"Hello, is this the Secret detective agency?"

"No." A lazy masculine voice answered from the other end. It sounded like the person was sleeping.

"But this is the number provided on the site."

"Miss whoever you are, their is something else provided on the site too." The man said yawning.

"What?" Wei Xin subconsciously looked at the laptop screen.

"That we are closed on Sunday."

Wei Xin, "..."

What the heck. Wei Xin was so angry she wanted to pull off all the hair from this man's scalp. Wait! What if he is bald?

Wei Xin concentrate!!

She could not shout because she didn't want to arise Song Jia's suspicion at all. No matter what her friend said, being a woman she knew that no woman could tolerate seeing her man sleeping around with other woman. Especially Song Jia who had already been through it for once. And every thing apart, she didn't dare take a chance.

She was so angry she hung up. This stupid man could not be trusted with such an important work. She started looking for other agency. But she could not find any single decent agency.

At noon, Song Jia finally wrapped up her work to leave, "Wei Xin, Let's go." She was anxious for the party.

--- Green Residency Villa ---

Fei Yan was really happy with all the brain wracking she has done. She was happier after Xiaozhi told her that the pen drive has been delivered and she has seen the nanny taking it inside. She was certain that little bitch Song Jia must have viewed the content by now. And their is no way she is going to be with Wu Zhang anymore. Her man was now completely hers... Or maybe not?

She was so happy she felt like flying. She was even skipping around while walking. She had done lots of preparations to impress Wu's at the banquet tonight. To impress old madam Wu, she had decided to gift her a cashmere coat with jade buttons tucked on it. It was a custom made coat she has ordered especially to present it to the old lady. Spending a little money to hit the jackpot never hurts right?

Only if you COULD hit it.

She was humming some random songs as she picked out the dress she was going to wear. It was the latest edition from her favourite brand's fall collection and she has spent a fortune for this dress. To impress Wu Zhang... obviously.

It was a pink, chiffon sleeveless gown with deep neck. The gown looked elegant on her fairly white skin and complimented her well.

She took almost three hours to get ready. Xiaozhi who was waiting outside wanted to kill this idiot boss of hers. She wanted to scream out loud that the man she was so desperately trying to seduce was already taken.

Why was she so persistent on getting something that was never hers in the first place. Well she had no choice but to wait until her boss came out.

Finally after the long wait her thick skinned boss came out, dressed up. She has chosen a simple look. Her hairs were curled softly at the ends and her make up was minimal.

She has dressed up elegantly because she knew Wu Zhang never liked girls with loud make up and atrocious looks.

Well at least her boss knew how to do something right, even if it was just dolling her self up.
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