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When love beckons twice 66 The Hand or the Rock

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Wei Xin reached office early in the morning. It was  Sunday and weekend employees were pouring in. Song Jia would often come to office even on the weekends, and today was no exception.

Throughout the entire morning, Wei Xin looked absent-minded. She was constantly making mistakes. When Song Jia could finally not take it anymore, she asked, "Is their anything wrong with you?"

"Ha?... No.. Why?"

"You look lost." She pointed out.

"No... no.. I am alright.. haha.." after thinking about something, she spoke hesitantly, "Can I ask something?"

"Yes." She looked up from the documents she was busy signing.

"Do you think Mr. Wu is trustworthy?"

The pen in Song Jia's hand dropped down, she looked at Wei Xin's face and tried to read her thoughts, but could not figure out anything. "What do you mean Wei Xin?"

"Umm.. Don't take me wrong, after everything that happened, do you think you could trust him? What if someone said that he is fooling around with you and would do the same thing that happened previously? What would you do?"

Song Jia didn't say anything for a long time. She was lost in her own thoughts.

"Xiao Jia...?"

"I don't believe in hear say. And I can't bring myself to believe that he will deceive me."

"Why do you trust him so much?"

"Let me ask you something. Answer it first."


"Suppose you have fallen into a river and are about to be carried away by the current any moment, barely holding yourself by a small rock in the river. And someone gives you a hand at that time to help you. Whom would you trust more? The hand that could pull you out or the rock that is barely helping you from drowning?"

"The hand..." Wei Xin said without thinking.

"What if that person could not save you in the end? Would you still believe that he tried?"

"Of course." Wei Xin had no idea what Song Jia was talking about and didn't understand the intention behind her question either. She answered every question, thinking about it from surface. Obviously she would trust a person more then the rock that could loose the ground anytime.

Song Jia smiled and said, "Wu Zhang is that hand to me. He pulled me back to life when I had no hopes of living. I don't know if I might still be sitting here if he didn't find me back then. He gave me everything no one has ever given to me. The love the warmth and the care. Everything."


"And if you are still not convinced, then my last argument, the love I see in his eyes towards me is the same I once had for someone else." She has put the nip in the bud. That certain someone was of course Feng Ying. And Wei Xin had now nothing else to say.

Before Song Jia could ask her anything about why she asked such stupid question she ran towards her cabin immediately. She was scared that Song Jia might see through her and she won't be able to keep the information about the video from her for too long. Too bad, she was not a good liar. The video from previous day was still worrying her. She had a separate cabin inside Song Jia's office divided by a glass door to work.  She immediately turned on her laptop and typed in the browser: "Best Detective In C City."

Soon after the screen displayed various detective agencies, operating in C City. Wei Xin looked through all of them and finally picked the one named "Secret".
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