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After Wu Zhang realised he has teased her enough, he let her go. She ran away like a little cat to the couch and sat down, throwing her head back with her legs crossed.

Office Fantasy?

She never expected this guy to have such fantasies. Or rather not expected him to be so shameless to say it out loud.

Wu Zhang got back to his work after asking Li Jing to bring her a cup of coffee and her laptop from her car. Song Jia finally got to have a good look of his office, and she was quite impressed.

It was a big space designed in Chinese style with all the furniture made of Dalbergia, and gave the aura of a masculine office room. Wu Zhang's table was in front of the leather couch Song Jia was sitting on facing side ways, with a file shelf behind his desk. Next to the shelf was a floor to ceiling window that gave an excellent view of the city. On the other end of the shelf was a door, which led to a room that was used by Wu Zhang to take rest during work. The room looked simple and neat.

"You have a good taste." Song Jia complimented.

"Obviously, why else would I choose you?" Wu Zhang answered with a question of his own.

Song Jia couldn't understand if he was complimenting her or praising himself. Well he must be doing the latter one, because this guy was anything but modest. While she was thinking of an answer, Li Jing came back with her laptop, while another woman, brought two cups of coffee in a tray.

Great. I'd rather work then try to win against him in talking.

The two people placed the things they had brought and left immediately. Where as Wu Zhang and Song Jia got to their own work. The environment around them was quite harmonious and having each other in front of them was enough for them.  After every short interval one of them would lift their head, take a look at their partner and get back to working.

During lunch, Wu Zhang asked her, "Did you receive the dress? I asked Wei Xin to bring it to you."

"Yes I did."

"How was it?" Wu Zhang was a little anxious as this was his first gift to her after they started dating.

Song Jia looked a little guilty, the truth was she has not yet taken a proper look at the dress. But she vaguely remembered the colour, so she covered up immediately. "You will see, when I wear it."

"Xiao Jia.." I love you. Before he could finish, Song Jia's phone started ringing. The phone was at the centre of the table, and both saw it was Wei Xin.

"I don't want anyone to disturb us." Without thinking twice, she declined the call and turned her phone to silent. Whereas Wu Zhang cursed Wei Xin in his mind multiple times. Little did he know this petite bespectacled chick has already saved his ass from a big explosion once and is going to do the same next moment.

"What were you saying?"

"Eat more. You eat like a chicken." It was also Wu Zhang's first time being in love. He had dated many woman, but never did he get physical with them nor has he ever said 'I love you' to someone. So his heart was skipping beats when he was about to say it. But this stupid Wei Xin.... Or not so stupid.

"I should get going now." Song Jia announced after lunch.

"So soon?" He didn't want her to go.

"Mr. CEO, I have spent half of my day with you, I have got some work. So I have to go." She had to collect the gift she has prepared for Wu Zhang's grandmother and she didn't want to do it with him.

"I will drive you."

"No, you get back to work. I will go back myself." She placed a light peck on his cheek as her bargain chip.

"Your wish, my command." He said spreading his hand.
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