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---Same Day---

Song Jia reached Wu Zhang's office and found Li Jing waiting for her near the entrance to the car park. She got out from her Ferrari and greeted him politely. Li Jing took her inside. As she set her first step in the building, a lot of eyes fell on her. People looked strangely at her because she was looking like a seventeen year something girl. Too young to be at this place. Ignoring all the gazes, Li Jing took her straight to Wu Zhang's office. He opened the door for her and after she entered, he remained standing outside, giving privacy to the love birds.

The minute Song Jia entered, Wu Zhang threw a question at her, "I heard you were missing me, falling for me already?" Their was a warm smile on his handsome face as his lips curved upwards.

Song Jia's face turned hot and red after such straight confrontation. Is she really falling for him?

"Why are you working on saturday?" She slyly diverted the conversation. She was too shy to talk to him about such things. A teenager in love indeed.

"Because their is a lot of work pending." He got up from his leather chair and went to stand in front of Song Jia. She was standing beside his big Dalbergia office table. He took her hand in his and pulled her in his embrace. The lavender like smell of her body was enough to lift his spirits.

He took his mouth close to her right ear and whispered softly, "I missed you."

Those three words meant to her a lot. The best feeling in the world was to know that someone looks forward to meet you and misses you when you are not around. This feeling was like a novelty to her. It had been long, since someone said those words to her.

She wasn't very expressive with words, so she placed a gentle kiss behind his left ear in response. And the next moment, the grip of Wu Zhang tightened around her. In a very deep and dangerous tone he asked, "Darling, are you seducing me in broad daylight at my office?"

"No.. I was ju...mmm.." Before she could clarify anything, he cupped her face in his hands and locked her lips between his, not giving her any chance to clarify things he didn't want to be clarified.

Okay Fine! I admit, I seduced you.. accidentally.

Soon after Wu Zhang's hand started running around her back from over her clothes, while his tongue was twirling inside her mouth. He pulled her closer, leaving no space between them and turned around to make her stand against his desk. He leaned forward, making her to arc her back, and she locked her arms against his neck, while he supported her back with his big palms.

The couple would have soon lost control if Wu Zhang didn't pull back reluctantly. Although he broke the kiss, he didn't let her go and looked straight in her eyes. His gaze was teasing, making Song Jia blush even more.

"Don't seduce me like this next time.... Unless you want to make my fantasy come true."

"What fantasy?" Song Jia asked slowly.

He placed a warm kiss on her smooth jaw line, "To make out with you in office."

This time, not just her face even her ears had turned pink with embarrassment. This man's thoughts are becoming more and more dirty every day. Her heart pounded so hard hearing his words, she felt like it would explode and pop out of her chest any moment.

Thanks to the conservative clothes she was wearing right now, otherwise this man would have seen her whole body was blushing.


Calm down Song Jia.

Reminder: I can't kiss him behind his ear next time.
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