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Soon after the girl spoke in a fluent Mandarin, "Darling I love you so much. Do you also love me?" Although the accent was a mixture of Caucasian and mandarin tongue, it was quite fluent. She asked so coquettishly that Wei Xin felt like puking blood.

But the reply that came thereafter made her horrified, "Yes honey." It was a mellow male voice and felt like Wu Zhang's.

Wei Xin was fully focused on the video and watched it till the end. She saw them laying and kissing, while the girl moaned during their kind of make out session. And soon after the video ended. She was too shocked to think something.

She hurriedly opened the other folder, it was a short typed note.

"Don't come in between us. I am sure you won't like to be tagged as the third wheel."

Wei Xin's mind went blank for a short period of time. The first thing that popped in her mind was to call Song Jia. She ran towards the bedroom to get her phone and hurriedly called Song Jia.

After two rings the call was declined. "Aah.. Pick up the phone Xiao Jia." The first thought that has popped in her head after the call was declined, that Song Jia had gone out to meet Wu Zhang and might still be with him.

She called again, but no one received it this time. She was so frustrated that she threw the phone on her bed and sat down holding her head in her palms. It was hurting.

On one hand she didn't want Song Jia to go back to being her old self again after knowing the truth, while on the other she didn't want to keep her in dark either. She kept pondering over her thoughts for the whole evening. Song Jia's happy and chirpy face from the morning kept flashing in front of her eyes again and again. She has been so happy these few days. How is she going to tell her the truth?

Not being able to talk to Song Jia, she went back to watch the video again. After playing it for several times she realised something was not right with the video.

"If what the note claimed is true, why is the woman's face hidden?"

She restarted the video:

Wu Zhang entered the room and sat on the leather couch, after some time the woman entered and sat next to him.

She paused and rewinded a few seconds back. Something was odd with the two scenes.

She switched between the scenes a few times and then caught the error. In the first scene where Wu Zhang was alone, the table in front of him was empty, and with the looks of the room, it looked like a club.

In the next scene when the woman entered, their was a glass of what looked like martini on the table. It means something happened between the time Wu Zhang and the fake lover entered.

After looking at the video for nth time now, Wei Xin finally came to a conclusion. Even though the video looked somewhat fake, she has decided to investigate Wu Zhang  in case anything shown was the truth, and the origin of the video before disclosing about it to Song Jia.

She understood that Song Jia was still not completely trusting Wu Zhang and even the slightest hint of doubt might make her break up with Wu Zhang.

She was a girl who rarely went to clubs, so she had no idea, of which club the room in the video belonged to.
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