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Wei Xin got in the driver's seat, while Lin Dong and Nanny Lin sat at the back seat. She was whimpering in pain and the handkerchief was soaked with blood. She had tore the skin of her elbow when she fell  and the wound was deep.

Nanny Lin was hired to take care of Song Jia after her mother left, because Song Chen never gave her time and Grandfather Song could not always be around to take care of her. So Song Jia was quite attached to her and brought her along after she shifted to Wave Manor. Lin Dong was her husband and he didn't want to stay apart from her, so after a lot of pleading, she allowed him to come as well.

After driving for almost thirty minutes, she reached Zhuangmin Hospital. One of the most reputed hospital in the city. It was past noon when they reached.

Seeing the hospital, the jaws of the Lin Couple dropped. The hospital was quited expensive.

"Miss Wei Xin, this hospital.." Lin Dong looked embarrassed.

"Uncle Lin, don't worry, if I took you anywhere else, Song Jia would feel bad. Don't bother about money."

They had nothing more to say after Song Jia was mentioned. So they quietly went inside.

After getting the appointment slip, Wei Xin gave some money to Lin Dong and went home because she felt nauseated at hospital. 

She changed her clothes, and went to the living room, where her laptop was placed. Because she was a true workaholic, she turned it on and sat on the sofa to work.

Almost after half an hour, she fetched her bag and started searching it. She was looking for a pen drive which had some important documents related to work and finally pulled out a black pen drive and connected it to her laptop. While the laptop read the device, she went to the kitchen, poured herself a cup of water and came back along with the cup.

After settling again, she saw the screen on her laptop which showed two icons. One was a video and the other was a folder.

'Which pen drive is this?' She has completely forgotten about the pen drive she took from Nanny Lin and had mistakenly brought home with her.

She clicked on the video and lifted the cup to drink water, just as the video started playing, the cup fell down from her hand and shattered in to pieces from the shock she received from the video.

The video was of an empty room. A few seconds later Wu Zhang entered. His face was clearly captured when he sat on the leather couch. Soon after a girl entered the room and sat next to Wu Zhang. From the time she entered, her face was shielded with her hair and could not be seen, and after she sat, she has shielded Wu Zhang's face from the screen as well and only her back was visible right now. 

What she did next, made Wei Xin's eyes pop out of her socket. She started KISSING him. And what shocked her even more was that Wu Zhang was letting her do it not just letting her do it, he even wrapped his arms around her. Although the scene was captured from behind and didn't really show the kiss, she was mature enough to understand what was going on.

Wei Xin's jaw dropped after what she saw, but she could not believe it to be true. She had a very nice image of Wu Zhang in her mind, but it seemed it was all fake.
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