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Wei Xin decided to wait outside in the living room, while Song Jia finished her work in her study. She was looking closely at the envelope and found it weird. Their was no information about the sender, neither the reciever. Just the word 'URGENT' in bold red ink.  For some reason, she didn't have a good feeling regarding it.  After giving it some thought, she decided to open it and see the content.

It was sealed with a glue and felt very light, she tore the envelope from the top and flipped it upside down. What came out was a small black pen drive.

"Wei Xin I am going out for sometime to see Wu Zhang." Song Jia came out from the study with her phone in her hand.

"What about your work?" Wei Xin was surprised and happy to see Song Jia so full of life again. It had been a long time, since she saw her this happy.

"I am missing him and can't concentrate on work." She scratched her head awkwardly when she admitted it and looked like a teenager in love. Her cheeks were slightly crimson and eyes had a  dreamy spark. Just like a teenage girl who falls in love for the first time. Even her get up, gave the same vibe. She was in a simple blue jeans, white adidas tee and had tied her hair in a high ponytail. She never liked to look too flashy and always preferred simple clothes unless it was really required to dress up.

Wei Xin laughed seeing her CEO like this. Song Jia felt a little shy so she turned around to leave.

"Wait.. you have a del..." Before Wei Xin could finish, Song Jia was nowhere in site. She was too lazy to run after her so she decided to put the pen drive in her study and leave.


Just as she took her first step towards the study, she heard a loud voice from the kitchen. She ran towards the kitchen and saw Nanny Lin was sitting on the floor, holding her bleeding elbow.

"Nanny Lin, are you alright?" Wei Xin ran towards her to help her to stand.

"Miss... Wei Xin.. my leg.." Nanny Lin whimpered in pain as she got up. She was pointing towards her right foot. It was swollen and looked terrible. It was too painful for her to stand.

"What happened?" A man came inside panting. He was the housekeeper and Nanny Lin's husband Lin Dong.

When he saw his wife, he rushed towards her and looked worried.

"She has hurt her ankle." Wei Xin looked around and saw some water spilled on the floor. "I think she slipped and sprained her ankle. Her elbow is also bleeding.

"Miss Wei Xin let me hold her." Lin Dong held Nanny Lin's hand and helped her to sit on a chair outside the kitchen and Wei Xin followed behind them.

"It looks bad, I think you should take her to the hospital."

"No Miss Wei Xin, it's alright. I am fine." Nanny Lin tried to avoid going to hospital although she was whimpering in pain. While Lin Ding pressed his handkerchief on her bleeding elbow.

"No, you should go. Your ankle doesn't look good. It's turning blue."

The Lin couple looked at each other awkwardly. The truth was Nanny Lin was in a lot of pain, but they didn't have enough money so they were avoiding the hospital expense.

Wei Xin noticed their expressions and understood what they were worried about.

"Fine I will take you." She turned to go to the living room and get her bag.

"Miss Wei.."

"It's decided." Wei Xin said without looking back. She reached the living room, and picked her bag from the couch. She was a little worried about Nanny Lin's injury, so she absent mindedly put both the pen drive and the envelope in which it was delivered in her bag.
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