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After sending Li Jing away, Wu Zhang started reading the doccuments laying on his study table. He was in the middle of a contract when suddenly a thought struck his mind and he turned his laptop on. He felt like he has heard of Song Jia before and if memory served him right, she was the famous water baby heiress who has won various swimming championships both at national and international level. She was so fond of swimming and water sports that even the manor she currently lived in was named as 'wave manor' representing her love for water. But all of a sudden she withdrew from swimming and the news about her disappeared. It was said that because she was the soul heiress of the Song empire, she had to step up and shoulder the responsibilities of business so she had to retreat from swimming. And when he browsed through the net he was indeed correct. She was the same girl. He felt it was a pity for such a promising swimmer to retreat and join business. He was still trying to find more information about her when a maid knocked on the door.

"Yes, come in"

"Young master, the temperature of the miss has gone down, and their have been slight movements in her body, she might gain conciousness soon"

Wu Zhang thought something for a while and then replied "Ok I will go and see her in while, tell everyone to stay away from her room". His response left the maid confused making her feel something is wrong with their master's brain, or else why would he want to be alone with a sick lady. But she could not voice out her opinion so she nodded and left quietly.

Wu Zhang grabbed the doccument he was reading and headed to Song Jia's room. As he entered the room, he could not take his eyes away from the delicate but pale faced girl lying quietly on the bed. She looked fragile, it was hard to imagine her in the place of the president of such a huge business empire like Song International Corporations. He stood their gazing at her when he noticed movement in her fingers and rushed to her bedside. Her eye lids fluttered a few times and her mouth twitched, she was trying to say something. He pulled a chair kept nearby and sat down to caress her forehead.

"Wa.. Wa.. " and her forehead creased. He realised she was asking for water. He filled a cup imemdiately and lifted her upper body supporting her neck and shoulders. Her eyes were still closed when he placed the cup on her lips, she took a few sip and then he helped her lay down again.

She lay their for a few more minutes when she finally opened her eyes. It was already past noon and rays of sunlight were penetrating into the room, falling directly on Wu Zhang's face, making him look like a majestic king. She pressed her temple with one hand while with the other, supported herself to sit, leaning against the headboard. Only after she settled her, she noticed Wu Zhang sitting by her bedside.

"Who are you? And what are you doing here?" she asked him in a hoarse voice making her throat ache as she spoke.

Wu Zhang arched an eyebrow at this question and stared at her, making her uncomfortable. "Miss Song this is my house. Where else am I supposed to be?" Only after hearing his response did Song Jia realise she was at an unknown place, making her feel awkward. She scratched her head and gave a sheepish smile, followed by an awkward laughter. "I am sorry I did not realise I was at an unkown place, but where am I?" she asked massaging her temples, and then got cautious all of a sudden "wait, first tell me who are you, how do you know me, and why am i here?" she bombarded him with questions and stared at his face for a response, while Wu Zhang at that time was unsuccesfully trying to supress his smile. Seeing him smile, she got suspicious "Were you stalking me? "You don't want to kill me, right?"
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