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"Young Miss..."

"Shut up." Fei Yan slapped her again, and then transferred the video to her mails before throwing the phone on the floor. The screen smashed immediately after reaching the ground. Xiaozhi didn't mind because it was a phone provided to her by the company.

"Take care of everything else. If you make another mistake, you will not be able to escape from me."

She now shifted her attention to Raechel, and walked towards her. She grabbed her chin hard to lift her face, digging her long nails in her jaw. Rarchel's expression turned painful as she looked in her eyes.

"B*tch, you have got quite some guts. You dared think to kiss him ha?"

"Miss Fei...you are hurting me." She spoke meekly, her eyes had turned red from pain. Fei Yan's nails were piercing in her skin.

Fei Yan didn't speak and just pushed her away, and then she walked out pretending as if nothing happened.

Just as she walked out Raechel rushed towards Xiaozhi, "This woman is spooky, how do you tolerate her?" Her jaw bone was hurting and she was constantly rubbing her now red skin.

"Get lost." Xiaozhi was quite embarassed after being treated like this in front of a small time actress. She stomped out of the room, and went to meet the manager and take care of everything else.

Meanwhile in Wu Zhang's room, when Tan Yong saw his friend dead drunk, lying on the couch, he tried to wake him up by patting his cheek slightly, "Young Master Wu..."

"Wu Zhang wake up.."

Still no response.

Tan Yong finally gave up when he saw Wu Zhang was fast asleep. Tan Yong was disappointed, but he decided to send him back home.

Because he was injured himself, he called a waiter for help to carry Wu Zhang to his car and then drove him to Wu Mansion.


At Wave Manor, Wei Xin had brought the dress Song Jia was to wear at the birthday banquet tomorrow. It was a light yellow, one shoulder gown with a big golden rose on the shoulder. It was custom designed for Song Jia by one of the designers from the Wu Corporations.

"Song Jia look at your dress, isn't it pretty?" Wei Xin was very excited to show the dress to Song Jia. She really liked the way Wu Zhang doted on Song Jia and did everything for her.

"I like it." Song Jia said with a smile.

"You should try it. I am sure this dress will look amazing on you. "

" Let me finish some work first. Don't distract me. It's important." Song Jia was busy with her laptop and had actually not paid much attention to the dress.

While Wei Xin was busy praising the dress, her phone rang. It was from her home, so she went aside to take the call.

"Hello.... Yes Mom.." While talking she slowly walked towards the entrance of the house so that Song Jia won't get disturbed. 

Still on call, her eyes fell on an envelope in the hand of Song Jia's nanny, who was bringing it inside.

The envelope caught her attention because, something in bold was written on it. When she looked closely it was written 'URGENT.'

"Mom I will call you back later." She hung up immediately and went towards the nanny. "Nanny Lin, what is it?"

"I don't know Miss Wei Xin, I found it oustide the door, I thought Young Miss might have dropped it.  So I was bringing it to her."

"You can give it to me. Song Jia is working and doesn't want to be disturbed. I will give it to her later."

Nanny Lin didn't gave it much thought because she knew Wei Xin was someone Song Jia trusted the most so she handed the envelope to her immediately.
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