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Xiaozhi answered the call immediately after seeing it was from the driver that was supposed to bang his car in Tan Yong's. He was calling on her personal phone. "Madam, your work is done. But this man is weird. Instead of going home, he has come to the same place you asked me to come. How weird."

"What? Where are you?" Xiaozhi asked angrily.

"I am near Rocks n Glitz Club. I was waiting for you to come, when I saw this man driving towards the car park of the club." After hearing what the man said, Xiaozhi's face went pale. She  subconciously looked towards the phone in Fei Yan's hand and her face turned paler after what she saw.

Wu Zhang has pushed away the girl and his body had slight movements. The numbing effect of drug was fading.  She looked at Fei Yan's face, who was also confused. The effect was to last for at least an hour, how did it start fading away so soon?

"Hello... Hello..." Then man kept repeating 'hello' when he got no response from Xiaozhi's end.

"I will take care of it." She spoke and hung the call hurriedly.

Fei Yan on the other hand, spoke immediately in the cordless ear piece in her ear. "Get the hell out of their you fool."

The girl was pushed very hard and had hurt her back. After some effort, she managed to get up and turned to leave.

"Young Miss Mr. Tan..." Xiaozhi wanted to inform Fei Yan about Tan Yong, but her voice trailed off when she saw that the door to Wu Zhang's room was pushed open.  A lanky figure entered the room and it belonged to none other than Tan Yong.

"Young Master I..." The first thing Tan Yong saw after entering was a woman standing near the door of their room and he was surprised, but his expression soon turned in to amusement when he recognised who she was. "Hey beautiful, ain't you Raechel Black?"

Raechel's eyes grew wide in horror when Tan Yong recognised her. It was not just Raechel who was shocked, Fei Yan in the other room was dripping with cold sweat.  She gave a questioning look to Xiaozhi who was equally horrified.

"I.. I.. think you are mistaken Mister. I am not Raechel." The girl stuttered as she spoke and pushed Tan Yong aside to leave.

But Tan Yong was quick and caught her wrist, his jovial face was now cold. "What were you doing in this room?"

" I went to the restroom, and on my way back I lost the direction and ended up at your room accidentally. So I was leaving." The girl looked confident when she answered and wiggled her hand free.

Tan Yong also didn't give it much thought and went inside. He had already made Wu Zhang wait for so long, so he didn't want to stretch the issue further. So he didn't persist and let her go.

As soon as Raechel entered the room next door, Fei Yan who has seen everything except the interaction in the lobby, saved the video and then turned around and threw a hard slap across Xiaozhi's face.

"What kind of Idiot did you hire to crash Tan Yong's car?"

"How is he here?"

Xiaozhi's face got swollen immediately, because the ring in Fei Yan's finger had hit hard against her cheekbone. Her eyes got wet, but she kept quiet.
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