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The motive behind hiding face was to not leave any clues behind. Just as the girl sat on the couch, next to Wu Zhang, a cold voice came from the bluetooth ear piece in her right ear, "Don't let his closed eyes show in the camera, make it look real." The camera was towards the left side of the door, so she sat with her back towards the camera.

The girl didn't respond and brought her face closer to Wu Zhang's. She caressed his perfectly carved, handsome face softly. Touching his forehead with the tip of her fingers and then going down slowly towards his shut eyes, sharp nose, and finally resting on his thin pink lips.

Wu Zhang who was under the effects of tranquliser, and was barely awake, felt the touch. It was sensual, but he could feel the touch did not belong to his woman, and lacked the warmth of Song Jia. Although they have never been very close physically but he could recognise her presence even with his eyes closed. He felt this sensual touch disgusting, but he had no strength to retaliate. Even after he used all his strength, he could barely move a finger.

The woman had a shine in her eyes, as she saw the beauty in front of her. She leaned closer and licked his lips with the tip of her tongue softly. With her left hand, she took Wu Zhang's right arm and placed it around her waist while her other hand, caressed his chest. She was about to kiss him when a shrill voice rang in her ear piece again, "I didn't ask you to kiss him in real, just take advantage of the angle and make it look like a kiss. Don't get too close to him."

The woman felt pissed, she could not talk back because her voice will be caught in the camera, so the only choice now was to do as she was asked. She was a small actress with barely any fame, but had good knowledge of playing with the camera.

"Darling I love you so much. Do you also love me?"




She counted upto three in her mind as she pushed Wu Zhang on the couch, making him lay on his side and then adjusted him to lay on his back before she leaned on his chest and buried her face in the hollow of his neck, creating a veil with her long hair to cover his face. While she could not kiss him, she took full advantage of her hands and ran it freely on his body, that shouted of testosterone. So masculine!

Wu Zhang on the other hand frowned, when his nostrills got filled with the strong smell of female perfume. He was trying hard to retaliate but he couldn't move.

"Baby kiss me more... Aaahh...Yeahh." She lifted his left arm and placed it on her waist again and kept making such misleading moves with her body.

She did it so realistically that even Fei Yan who knew she was acting and was not really making out with Wu Zhang, felt her blood boil with anger.

The woman has by now undid a few buttons on Wu Zhang's shirt, revealing the smooth skin on his chest which covered his tight muscles, built over years of gymming and training. She now pulled down the shoulder of her dress from left side. She was smart enough to use Wu Zhang's hand make it look like Wu Zhang's hand was doing it. Seeing the desired result, Fei Yan smiled, she had bought the drug from a chemist friend of hers. It not only acts as sedative, it also makes the body lose it's strength for a short period of time and that is why Wu Zhang could not retaliate.

It carried on for almost twenty five minutes and would have continued longer, if Xiaozhi's phone wouldn't have rung.
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