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---Rocks n Glitz---

It was weekend and Wu Zhang had planned to meet Tan Yong after quite a long time. He didn't really want to come but after Tan Yong's Now-that-you-have-a-girl-you-forgot-your-brother rant he gave up and decided to go hang out with him. Moreover he agreed becuase Song Jia had some issues to take care of at the company and he was free tonight.

He parked his bentley and entered the building. He was heading towards the reception, to confirm the room number of their booking, when a waiter in his early twenties came to him, "President Wu, Mr. Tan has informed us about your arrival. Allow me to show you your room."

Wu Zhang nodded his head and followed the waiter's lead. He took him to a room on 9th floor.

The room was quite spacious and had a L-shaped leather couch in a corner, opposite the door,  with a coffee table in centre. The room had a few modern art  paintings hanging on the wall annexed to the wall, the long side of the couch was placed against. However what Wu Zhang didn't notice was a very faint blue light emitting from one of the paintings. He went inside and sat in the centre of the longer side. Tan Yong has not yet arrived, so he ordered a Martini for himself and waited for his friend to come.

After the waiter served his order, he went to the room right next to the one in which Wu Zhang was. At one end of the couch a woman was sitting along with Fei Yan and Xiaozhi. The woman wore a deep neck sleeveless red dress, showing her cleavage. She had sleek long hair and her face was covered with thick make up.

"My work is done Madam." The waiter said with a smile.

Xiaozhi unlocked her phone and tapped on the screen a few times. The screen now showed the room Wu Zhang was sitting in. He was sipping on the Martini the waiter had served him. Xiaozhi smiled and showed it to Fei Yan.

"Did you add the tranquiliser?" Fei Yan asked.

"Of course. I added enough to make him fall asleep in maximum ten minutes. He will doze off soon." The waiter said with a smile.

Xiaozhi passed him two fat envelopes, "This will be enough to get your sister treated. Take this money and leave the city tonight."

---In Wu Zhang's room---

Wu Zhang felt his head getting heavy. He had a strong alcohol tolerance, so he could not understand how he got tipsy with just a few sips. He massaged his temple slightly when his phone rang. It was Tan Yong, "Bastard where are you?"

"I had a small accident, my car is broken. Give me half an hour more. I will be their." His voice sounded panicked.

"Are you injured?"

"No I will be their in sometime."

"Ok. I am waiting." Wu Zhang hung up.

Fei Yan who had seen everything through her phone, Signalled the girl in red dress, "Go, and make sure to hide your face from the camera."

The girl got up from her place after giving a final touch to her make up, adjusted her dress and left. Fei Yan shifted all her focus on the screen, whereas the waiter left with the envelopes after checking the crisp dollar bills inside.

Soon after the door to Wu Zhang's room opened again. Wu Zhang was barely awake, and saw a red female figure entered the room. Her hair was falling on her face, and from Fei Yan's screen her face was not visible. Just as the girl came and sat next to him, he dozed off.
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