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After being slapped in the face by Wu Zihao, Fei Yan was so pissed off. She had no other choice so she left to take care of some pending work in tue company. All the way, only thing she could think of was to take care of Song Jia as soon as possible and put the nip in the bud as soon as possible.

She had already done a thorough background check on Song Jia in the last few days in order to find out every little detail about her. However Fei Yan's sources were not as efficient as those of Wu Zhang's and because not much was provided about her online, she could not find anything strong enough to use against her. However she had found out everything about her relationship and breakup with Feng Ying. Based on her womanly instincts she knew, Song Jia would not be trusting Wu Zhang completely so soon, so she decided to take on the gamble.

---In the office---

"Madam, here is the person you asked for." Xiaozhi had brought over a twenty something looking man inside Fei Yan's office.

"Will you be on duty tomorrow?" She asked as she sized the man from head to toe.

"Yes madam, and I will do everything as you have asked me to do." His face looked fearless. "However you know I will be taking a huge risk, so please don't go back on your words."

"Don't worry, I will finance the treatment of your sister. But you better not mess up." She was extra cautious after that stupid Feng Ying and Wu Zihao have spoiled her plan.

"Don't worry. I will do everything you have asked me to."

Fei Yan smiled and signalled Xiaozhi. Understanding her signal, Xiaozhi extended the envelope in her hand towards the man. "This is your advance. One lakh yuan. You will get the rest after your work is done."

The man opened the envelope, his eyes lit up seeing the money. He counted it quickly and confirmed it was one lakh yuan. Satisfied, he left the office


Wu Zihao who could not keep the incident in his belly anymore had called Wu Zhang multiple times, but he didn't pick the call. Unable to earn rewards from his brother, he decided to boast himself in front of Song Jia. After doing a little research, he finally got her number by midnight and gave her a call.

Song Jia who was sleeping at Wave Manor right now, saw an unknown number calling on her personal cellphone and she declined the call. Wu Zihao was not someone to give up so he called her again. After a few rounds of declining, she finally answered it. Feeling irritated she spoke in an annoyed tone, "Hello, who is this?"

"Xiao Jia, don't tell me you are still sleeping soundly when somebody is trying to stir trouble in your calm love life."

Song Jia was quiet for a moment, and was trying to think who it could be. But because she has just woke up, she could not process things through. So after a moment of silence, she spoke, "Don't you think you should first introduce yourself when you call someone for the first time?"

"Xiao Jia how could you not recognise me, I am Zihao... Wu Zihao. You don't even recognise your best friend's voice. Are you worth being called best friend of mine?"

Song Jia pressed her glabella with her finger tips hearing his nonsense, "Fine, so tell me, what is it?"

"Xiao Jia you need to pull up your socks and start learning how to cook. This is a war to win the mother-in-law."

"Dude can you stop spluttering non-sense and speak directly." Song Jia was so annoyed that she wanted to kill him.

Wu Zihao then narrated her the whole incident, obviously not forgetting to praise himself. "Now you understand the intensity of this crisis?"

"Go to hell Zihao, you call me at this hour to tell me I have a romance rival and I need to cook to win your Mom's heart?"

"Of course." Wu Zihao was now confused about her reaction.

"Have you forgotten that your friend is a great chef?"
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