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Fei Yan was finally satisfied. This good for nothing Zihao had finally come to some use and had praised the food. This would surely help her gain more brownie points form Mo Biyu. While she was about to act modest and tell that it was no big deal, Wu Zihao's next question made her face loose all colour.

"How did you make it? Tell me the recipe." Wu Zihao was on the surface pretending to have bought her lies, but the truth was he was not so easy to deal with.

Damn! This useless idiot, how could she forget that he would never let her have things her way. She cursed him multiple times, before she regained her composure.

"Ah! recipe, haha.." Fei Yan was hell scared. She had no idea how the dish was cooked. She had no other choice but to just smile like a fool. Her cover was about to be blown soon. But maybe she had little luck by her side, because she had heard from Xiaozhi a little about the cooking process of Fat Tiu Cheung. "Ah, this it's a long process. It took two days for me to prepare. Too much effort... haha."

Mo Biyu thought Wu Zihao was teasing her, so she scolded him, "Zihao, don't tease her. She had put in so much effort. Why do you want to know the recipe? It's not like you are going to cook. Stop harassing her."

Fei Yan breathed in relief. She was saved finally. Thank you dear Aunty. "Yes Zihao, I made it, don't worry if you like it I will send more for you other day." She didn't mind spending a few bucks on this wolf. After all she had accomplished her mission, thanks to this gannet.

"No need." Wu Zihao spat out all the food in his mouth on a paper towel. He picked the bowl and the container in which Fei Yan had brought her 'especially cooked' soup and emptied all the content in the trash can.

Fei Yan was dumbfounded with his action, whereas Mo Biyu had a mixed expression of embarrassment and confusion on her face.

"Wu Zihao! Why did you throw all the soup. Don't you have any courtesy?" Mo Biyu who was generally very calm, could not help scolding him. "You wasted all the efforts she had put in preparing it."

Wu Zihao's body language clearly showed he didn't care at all about the so called efforts put by Fei Yan, but if he didn't answer Mo Biyu, this manipulative bitch would achieve what she was hoping her. And their was no way he would let that happen. After all she was his best friend's romance rival.

"It had too much salt. Are you tired of living that you would want to eat so much salt?" Mo Biyu often had high blood pressure, so this was the best excuse he could come up with. He knew that if he told her the truth, that Fei Yan had bought it, she would never believe him. So the only way was to not let her eat the food at all.

Fei Yan was so angry that if given the chance she would have murdered Wu Zihao right then and there. That bastard, he spoilt everything. She cursed him a thousand times in her mind. She knew their was no way it could have had excess salt, because it was brought from a top notch restaurant. But their was no way she could say that out loud.

"Ah, aunty I learnt it recently and made it for the first time. So I might have made a mistake. Never mind. Wu Zihao is like my younger brother. I don't mind. I will make some more for you with less salt next time. "

Wu Zihao had a smirk on his face. He loved to get on the nerve of this fake woman. He had thoroughly enjoyed this show and could not wait to boast about his loyalty to Song Jia and Wu Zhang.

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