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Mo Biyu was quite eager to taste the Fat Tiu Cheung but before she could take the first bite, she was interrupted by a maid.

"Madam, the manager for the birthday banquet has arrived. They are waiting for your instructions."

"Xiao Yan, I will have to go. This banquet is a huge celebration and we can't let anything go wrong. Please excuse me. I will eat it later. She said with an apologetic expression, while pointing towards the soup in the bowl."

"It's alright Aunty, don't be so formal with me. Please continue with your work. I will also take my leave now." Fei Yan was obviously very pissed off. But she could not vent it out on Mo Biyu.

Mo Biyu nodded her head and left with the maid.

"What is that aroma?" Fei Yan was picking up her bag to leave, when Wu Zihao entered. His sharp nostrills have sniffed the soup and he was not able to resist himself, so he had come running over.

"Zihao, is that you? When did you come back from the states?" Fei Yan was surprised to see Wu Zihao after three years. Although she really disliked him, but kudos to her acting, she endured him as well.

"Do I need your permission to return?" Wu Zihao was annoyed to see her at his house. No one in Wu family, except Mo Biyu liked Fei Yan. Wu Zihao especially never liked people who faked themselves in front of others, and in his opinion, Fei Yan was too perfect to be true. So he hated her even more. She had always been extra caring towards him ever since they met and he knew it was all an act to win his brother's heart. Her caring act always made him want to throw up.

"Why would you need my permission silly boy." Fei Yan looked awkward but she was not someone to give up so easily.

Wu Zihao ignored her and with long strides went to the dinning table and got seated at the chair Mo Biyu was sitting on previously. He was hungry.... as always.

"You like Fat Tiu Cheung?" I made it especially for aunty Biyu. You should also give it a try." Fei Yan passed him a pair of chopsticks.

"You made it?" Wu Zihao arched his eyebrow as he questioned her. He obviously won't believe her lie. How could this girl with princess syndrome cook for someone? Liar! He would be surprised if she even knew how to warm water.

"Yes, I learnt it recently. Now be good and eat it."

"I don't want to die so soon." He spoke non chalantly and put the chopsticks back.

Fei Yan was so angry that she could not fake it anymore, so she hissed through her gritted teeth in an annoyed tone, "Ah Zihao if you don't want to eat it, then don't, but don't insult me like this."

"Miss Fei Yan, relax I was just joking. Well you are right. I should taste it." He picked the chopsticks back and took a bite of the food. And he was right. She had not made it. It was bought from his favourite restaurant, Appetizer. Back then he would go to this place everyday to eat Fat Tiu Cheung. He had even gone with Song Jia a few times. So their was no way he would not recognise the taste.

"How is it?" Fei Yan asked anxiously. Obviously she was not anxious, becauae she knew it was good, after all it was bought from the best restaurant in C City.

While her I-am-the-best-choice-to-become-Madam-Wu act was still going on, Mo Biyu had returned. "Yes Zihao, tell me how is it. Xiao Yan had put in so much effort to cook it."

"Sister Yan did you really make it?" He asked with excitement in his eyes. Clearly giving the expression that he liked the soup.
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