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When love beckons twice 53 If you can't seduce the Man, win over his Mom

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---Old Wu Mansion---

In the vintage chinese style dinning room, Mo Biyu was sitting with Fei Yan and sipping fruit tea. The two woman looked harmonious and were chatting happily. Mo Biyu knew Fei Yan ever since she was a kid and liked her a lot. Initially she had wanted her to get together with Wu Zhang, but after her son told her about Song Jia, she stopped playing the cupid between them. But this did not decrease her liking towards Fei Yan and so she was naturally happy to see her.

"I heard you will soon become the new CEO of your company, how are things at work?" Fei Yan was the daughter of the CEO of Fei Constructions and the company was the pioneer of construction business in C City.

"Everything is good Aunty. I am liking it a lot." She had plastered her best sophisticated smile on her face to impress Mo Biyu. She was of the notion that 'if you can't seduce the man, win over his mom.'

"Aunty I have got something for you. It took me a lot of efforts to learn how to make it, but I finally did." She passed a golden packet to Mo Biyu.

"What did you bring me now?" Mo Biyu laughed and took the packet. She opened it curiously, but she could not hide her happiness after seeing the content. It was Fat Tiu Cheung. It was one of Mo Biyu's favourite soup and took a lot of efforts to be made, so she was quite impressed by Fei Yan.

"Xiao Yan, you made it?" She asked with a smile.

"Yes Aunty, I know you like it a lot, so i learnt it especially for you.

"Ah, such a good child. Thank you so much Xiao Yan. I really liked your efforts."

"Aunty please give it a try and tell me how it tastes." Fei Yan asked faking a shy and nervous expression.

"Yes, Yes why not." She called for a maid to get the soup warmed up.

Mean while Fei Yan decided to dig out information about Wu Zhang and Song Jia, so she siad deliberately. "How is Zhang doing these days Aunty? He is always so busy that he barely keeps in touch."

"You know how he is. Earlier he was busy with work and now he is busy courting his woman." Mo Biyu spoke with a helpless smile. But her expression clearly expressed that she was not at all upset about it.

"Woman?" Fei Yan was surprised to know that he has told his family about Song Jia. Initially she had consoled herself by thinking he was fooling around with her. But now she has started to feel worried.

"Yes. He told us about her a month ago. And with what I know, she must be a very good child."

"Yes Yes she must be veey good, otherwise Wu Zhang would not have noticed her." She had no choice but to fake her happiness. "But aunty you haven't met her yet?" Fei Yan tried to dig out more information.

"Not yet. She will come over on mother's birthday celebration. We have all been looking forward to meet her."

Fei Yan's heart started pounding. Old Madam's birthday was next week and if Song Jia won over the old lady, seperating them would become even more difficult. She will have to do something quickly.

She was still busy in her own thoughts when the maid came back with warmed up food. The delicious arome filled the air and it could boost anyone's appetite.

"Ah, the texture is so good." Mo Biyu was very fond of cooking and felt that it is something every woman must know.
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