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Song Jia stopped eating, when she heard him. She turned around and looked at him, pointing her index finger towards her face she asked in a surprised tone. "Who? Me?"

Wu Zhang's exprssion had turned cold when he heard those words, and the grip on his chopsticks tightened. He looked at Wu Zihao, to be precise, he threw a deathly stare at him.

But Wu Zihao was so immersed in recalling where he had seen Song Jia, that he did not notice the death threat he was being given through his brother's eyes.

"Yes, you." He paused, trying hard to remember. He placed his index finger and thumb of his right hand on his chin, tapping it lightly.

"You look familiar."

"Are you sure?" Song Jia could not help asking.

"Yes I am."

Before anyone could speak, a cold voice fell in their ears, "You two have gone to the same school, and were most likely classmates." Wu Zhang had already figured it out, when he had looked through her information, given by Li Jing. And he was so jealous of the fact that his brother knew her before him.

"Bingo!" Wu Zihao snapped his finger and pointed his index finger at Wu Zihao, looking very excited. "You are correct. Now I remember. She is The Song Jia, Goddess Song of our class, who had disappeared all of a sudden. The godess only I was friends with."

Song Jia had an expression of amusement over her face. As she tried to recall, her face lit up. "Don't tell me you are that snob Wu Zihao who always had his nose pointing the sky." She then added further, "I wonder how you became friends with me." The truth was Song Jia paid no attention to him ever, unlike other girls who swarmed around him like bees. And that was what attracted his attention, gradually making them friends.

Wu Zihao looked as if he had been wronged when he retaliated, "What snob? I was your best friend back then. How dare you call me snob?" Just as those words left his mouth, he started feeling cold. He subconciously turned his face towards his brother and found him clenching his chopsticks hard and staring at him angrily. He was afraid he would drive those chopsticks through his heart anytime.

"Ahem, I mean classmates." He corrected himself after clearing his throat. This look from his brother could make him wet his pants.

"I wonder where did your sky high nose go, in front of your brother." Song Jia had obviously seen the attacks Wu Zhang made on Wu Zihao through his eyes, and could not help making fun of her age old friend. It had been long since they last kept in touch, so Song Jia had forgotten about him, whereas back then the Songs were not powerful enough to catch attention of the Wus. Therefore even when Wu Zhang told his brother about Song Jia, he did not expect her to be the same person.

"I won't care arguing with you anymore." Wu Zihao was a smart person. He knew he would be murdered tonight if he talked to her anymore, so he chose to keep his mouth shut and stuff himself with food.

"I have something to talk to you about." Wu Zhang turned to Song Jia.

"Yes what is it?" Song Jia asked curiously.

"Next week is grandmother's birthday. She is looking forward to meet you. I hope you can come."

Song Jia had a hesitant look on her face. Wu Zhang thought she didn't want to come. So he quickly added, "It's ok if you don't want to. No need to feel pressurised."

"No, I do want to come. I.. I just.. Nothing." I hope you know taking me to greet the elders at home means you want to take things a step further towards marriage. She didn't expect that he will be so willing to introduce her to his family, and it touched her heart again.

No one forced her to say anything.
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