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When love beckons twice 51 Is that my sister-in-law?

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Wu Zhang was still consoling Song Jia, who was feeling a little low. She was sitting next to window and Wu Zhang was sitting next to her, his tall body had covered her so no one saw what was happening. Song Jia calmed down after some time, but she had lost her appetite. A lot of food was still untouched on the table.

"Do you want to go?"

"mmm" she nodded calmly.

"Okay. Let's go then."

They were about to go when a cheerful male voice came from behind them. "Is that my beautiful sister-in- law?"

Wu Zhang turned around hearing the familiar voice and saw a black haired tall man, dressed in pajamas amd hoodie standing behind them, smiling cheekily. And of course it was none other than his little brother. Song Jia also turned around to look in the direction of the voice, but she was indifferent because she had no idea who the person was. So she thought the person was referring to someone else.

But to her surprise, Wu Zihao came over and sat across them on their table.

"Excuse me, who are you?" She had a comfused look on her face.

Wu Zihao glared at Wu Zhang giving his best cheeky smile again and placed the piece of cut steak from Song Jia's plate in his mouth. "Brother, didn't you tell sister-in-law, that she has such a cute little brother-in-law?"

When Wu Zihao saw him eating from his wife's plate, he picked his plate and placed it before Wu Zihao, and took Song Jia's plate to eat from it.

Song Jia who had no idea what was going on, turned to Wu Zhang questioningly, "What is happening?" Her voice was still hoarse from all the crying.

Before Wu Zhang could answer, Wu Zihao replied with bite of hamburger stuffed in his mouth, "Sister-in-law I am Wu Zihao, your little brother-in-law. I am sure my arrogant brother won't have told you about me."

"Do you want to die?" Wu Zhang threw him an angry glance.

"You won't do anything to me in front of my beautiful sister-in-law I know." He stuck out his tongue to tease him and then focused his attention back to Song Jia who had 'I-don't-know-what-is-going-on' expression on her face.

"Are you not happy to see me?" He faked a hurt expression, curling his lips downward.

"No, you are taking it wrong. I was just not prepared to meet you, so I was a little surprised. Hello, I am Song Jia." She extended her hand towards Wu Zihao to offer a hand shake with a smile on her tear smeared face.

"I am..." Wu Zihao had just extended his hand to shake her hand when Wu Zhang pulled Song Jia's hand towards him and covered her palm between his big palms, "You are so cold, let me rub your palm to warm it up." And he started rubbing the back of her palm with his.

She gave a helpless smile to Wu Zihao, obviously understanding that Wu Zhang was jealous. While Wu Zihao's lips twitched, but he didn't say anything. He knew his brother would beat him up all night and then kill him, if he provoked him anymore.

"It's good that you ordered so much. I won't have to wait for food. I am so hungry." Wu Zihao could not resist himself and started stuffing his mouth with one dish after another. Just like Song Jia, he also liked Western food and had come over without even changing to eat, when he came to know about this place.

To ignore his annoying brother, Wu Zhang picked the chopsticks again and started to feed Song Jia. Her mood had already improved a lot after meeting Wu Zihao, so she didn't resist this time and ate obediently.

"I understand I crashed your date, but do you really have to be so mean to feed me with so much dog food?"

"Who invited you?" Wu Zhang replied non-chalantly. Where as Song Jia on the other hand could not help laughing.

This was the first time, Wu Zihao noticed her clearly, seeing her smile his expression changed and his mouth twitched. He frowned a little, as a thought came across his mind. He felt confused but to clear his doubts, he decided to finally ask, "Why do you look so familiar?"
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