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After sometime the black bentley drove into the grand gates of a huge palacial building spread across a few thousand square metres. In front of the building was a lavish garden covered with various expensive plants and trees, with a stone pathway in centre. The pathway got divided in to two, near the entrance of the building and encircled a big fountain in between. The car stopped in front of the building and a middle aged man dressed in the uniform of a buttler came out. He went to the car and greeted the tall man who came out of the car "Young master, Good morning. You came back early today." The man nodded his head in response and walked towards the door of the co pilot seat. He opened the door and brought out the unconcious Song Jia in his arms. The buttler was stunned to see a woman with his young master and his jaw dropped. Although this man was infamous for hanging around with multiple women, but this was the first time in his 28 years of life that he has brought someone home. The man ignored the dumbstruck expression of the buttler and ordered "Immediately give a call to Dr. Su and arrange for a few clothes for the lady." Saying this he directly went inside carrying Song Jia with him. He went straight to the guest room on the ground floor and laid Song Jia on the bed. Two maids immediately followed him inside and they also had the same dumbstruck expression on their faces as that of the buttler.

"Change her clothes immediately and wipe her body clean. She is still shivering so make sure to increase the temperature of the room and take care of her." he ordered the maids while looking carefully at the delicate girl in front of him. "Also inform me when Dr. Su arrives."

"Yes young master" the maids responded in unison and got to work. While the man left the room and went upstairs to his room to take a shower. When he came out the buttler knocked the door and came in "Young master, Dr. Su has arrived, and is examining the miss."

"I will be right their." the buttler left immediately thereafter and the man went inside the walk in closet in the room to get dressed. He wore a light blue custome made suit and walked down eminating a king like aura.

When he entered the room Dr. Su, a man in his early thirties was examining Song Jia, so he approached him and asked "How is she?

While his focus was still on Song Jia, Dr. Su replied without looking at him, "she is fine. I have injected her the medicines and her fever will subside soon. And once her temperature lowers down, she will regain conciousness" after he paused to write down a few instructions, he turned to look at the man "but tell me one thing Wu Zhang, who is she?"

"I found her near the East hill lake this morning. She was unconcious, so i brought her home."

Dr. Su was confused, "You could have sent her to the hospital, why did you bring her home?"

"Because i wanted to bring her home" saying this Wu Zhang left the room leaving everyone confused behind.

Wu Zhang went straight to the study room and his assistant Li Jing who has just reached the mansion, followed after. "Find out everything about that girl. You have two hours to report"

"Sir I have already dug out some information, as soon as I saw her, I immediately found out a few things" Li Jing was a smart assistant. After working for Wu Zhang for six years now, he understood him well. "She is no ordinary woman. She is the president of Song International Corporations, Song Jia. And from what I know she has currently returned from Europe after securing a three hundered million dollar deal. She is indeed quite capable"

Wu Zhang heard everything and signalled him to leave, while a faint smile appeared on his face.
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