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"Due to the injury, he was rushed to the hospital immediately. He was taken for a surgery but he slipped into coma after the surgery." Song Jia's voice was shaking by now. Tears flew down her pretty little face as she recalled the past she has burried away. Wu Zhang put his arm across her shoulder and rubbed it to comfort her.

"If you don't want to then don't talk about it." He was regretting asking her.

"It's Okay. I anyway wanted someone to share this with. Don't stop me." She wiped her tears and took a sip of water from her glass.

"After the surgery, no one knew when he will wake up, Yue Ling thought I did everything intentiinally so she pushed all the blame on me, telling everyone that I pushed him due to the grudges I had with her. The nanny was too afraid to say anything, because she feared that she might get implicated so she also backed Yue Ling's blame."

Wu Zhang was listening quietly and just rubbing her shoulder, hugging her sideways. His other hand held her delicate hand tightly. Her tears were flowing down as she spoke. She had held in a lot inside her and everything was pouring out with her tears.

"Initially I was in a shock so I didn't say anything. When I stabilized, I told everyone that he fell accidentally by himself and not because I pushed him. Except grandfather, no one believed me. Mr. Song thought I was an ill omen, first I ripped them off of so much money due to leukemia, then I made my mother leave us and then caused my brother to almost die, so he didn't even ask me once if I did it or not. He tacitly agreed to Yue Ling's blame. To my bad luck, the nanny also ran away after few days of the surgery, so I had no evidence to prove my innocence. Grandfather tried very hard to find the nanny but she was no where to be found. Throughout the time that Little Apple Pie was in vegetative state, all I did was to either pray for him or learn swimming. I learnt it due to my guilt of not being able to save him. Two years... He was in coma for two years, with no signs of improvement. Infact his health kept detoriating. And finally... after 2 years..... he.. he died.." She spoke the last sentence in such low and broken voice that it was barely audible.

"Why did you go to the States?"

"After he passed away, Yue Ling wreaked a havoc at Song Mansion, she wanted to drag me to the court. Left with no other option, grandfather made a deal with her. For her to not to file the lawsuit against me he agreed to send me away from China forever. I begged and cried to Mr. Song to net let me go, but he didn't budge. I spent 3 years in USA with some distant aunt of mine, those were the most terrible years of my life. Finally after three years the nanny was found by men sent by grandfather. It was only after she was threatened, that she admitted the truth."

"I can never forgive that person. I spent the most difficult time of my life alone. With no one to support me. He could have helped me if he wanted to. But he chose not to. He left me alone when I needed him the most. So i don't need him now either."

Wu Zhang's heart ached terribly to hear her story. She had been through so much, yet she never gave up. Neither did she go weak. He hugged her tightly and let her cry. He wanted her to let go of all the sorrows she had, and for that to happen, it was necesaary to let her vent out all her emotions.He could not imagine how tough it could be for a thirteen year old child to be accused of murder and be forced to leave her family over night. He kissed her in the hair silently and didn't say another word. She sobbed silently in his arms until she started feeling sleepy.
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