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Wu Zhang drove to Song International Corporation's headquarter building before the decided time and was waiting on the lane opposite to the entrance of the headquarter's building in his bentley. He took out his phone and dialled Song Jia's number. Song Jia has just completed her work and was about to step in the elevator when her phone rang. She smiled softly when she saw the caller and recieved the call.

"Hey, where are you?" Came an excited voice from the other end.

"Just got inside the elevator. Going out. I have a date tonight you know." She spoke in her tired voice jokingly.

"Ah, you got yourself a date?" After a pause he said again. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Song Jia asked as she stepped out of the elevator on the ground floor.

"The shattering sound of my little heart that you just broke."

"Haha.. I didn't know your heart is so fragile Mr. Wu."

"Don't flirt with me now. Come out. I am waiting for you."

"Waiting? Where?"

"Outside the headquarter's building."

"I'll be their right away." Song Jia was near the parking enterance, she turned around and went towards the exit, and quickly spotted his black bentley.

Just as she got seated, Wu Zhang pulled her by her neck, and locked her lips with his. Song Jia was taken aback by this sudden 'attack', she lifted her hand to stop him but her wrists were grabbed his big hands and he locked them behind her back with one hand. Leaning closer, he pushed his tongue in her mouth, while his other hand caressed the nape of her neck. He deepened the kiss amd sucked hard on her lips. The car was filled with the sounds of kissing and heavy breathing. Their was a hint of urgency in his kiss and his moves were slightly rough. He finally let go of her when he realised she was breathing with difficulty. Her face was flushed red and their was shyness in her eyes, complimented by a sweet smile. Her sleek ponytail had become a mess now and she looked exceptionally pretty to him.

"Why are you staring at me?" She asked, feeling a little bashful after the short session of expressing love.

"Do I need a reason to?" He asked in his deep voice, giving her goosebumps.

She knew she won't be able to win in bickering with him, so she decided to change the topic slyly. "Ok fine. Let's go now. I am hungry." To show him she was really hungry she rubbed her hands on her stomach.

"Yes madam." No one would be able to tell with the way these two people behaved so childishly in front of each other, that they were CEOs of such big shot companies.

They drove to hépínglù street, and looked for the restaurant. Driving for a few minutes they finally found the place. The restaurant was called Tit Bits and it was not any fancy multi star place. It was made for the average people with simple rates. The place was small but quite cozy. They entered the place and got a place themselves in a corner, near the window. It was not very crowded and had a warm ambience. It looked like an American diner. Wu Zhang had a surprised expression on his face, because he rarely went to such places and was not used to it. Whereas Song Jia had always been a very modest person and never liked fancy places. Such places had the warmth that could not be found in high class private rooms of those expensive restaurants. The place had people with average financial backgrounds so the two looked very much out of place their. Every one gave them weird glances, making Wu Zhang even more weird.

To attract more customers, the place had a lots of chinese dishes as well on the menu. Song Jia flipped through the menu and decided a few dishes, inuding Sirloin Steak, Creole Jambalaya, Buritos etc. She then glanced at Wu Zhang, "Do you want something chinese?"

"No, I want to eat what you will eat." He smiled flashing his adorable cannines.

These little gestures of Wu Zhang always touched Song Jia's heart. She loved the way he tried to make her feel comfortable and took care of every big and small thing she wished.

The service was quick and the food arrived very quickly. Wu Zhang was not very fond of Western food, but he ate it happily because his woman loved it.
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