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It was evening when Wu Zhang got off work. He was tired and his mind was filled with thoughts of his beloved woman, Song Jia. Things had been going very smooth between the two. Although he knew she was not in love with him yet, but he was still content with the thought of her accepting him. And he believed, that with pace of time, she will accept him whole heartedly. Just her thought made him smile. He was deep in his thoughts when his phone rang. It was a video call request from Song Jia. He accepted it immediately with a big smile on his face. He would get naturally happy to see her.

"Hey." She greeted him with a sweet smile.

"Hey are you still in office?" She was still in her fromal suits and the room in the background was the lounge in her office room.

"Yes, annual general meeting is round the corner. Their is a lot of work to be done."

"Don't stress yourself. If their is anything you need help with, then let me know." He was concerned for her and didn't want her to get stressed with her work.

They were still talking, when the girl behind Song Jia, who was arranging things back to their place turned around to some doccuments from the table behind her. The room was big and their was quite a bit of distance between Song Jia's bed and the girl, so her face was caught in the camera but it was from some distance, the face was not quite clear. Just with one glimpse of her, Wu Zhang's back stiffened and his initially calm expression changed. Their was a slight frown on his forehead and his eyes darkened as he tried to see clearly who the girl was. With the looks of it, she looked like ahalf chinese and half american. Song Jia was blabbering about things here and there, so she didn't notice the change in his expression.

"Hey I heard a new restaurant has opened in the hépínglù street. Do you want to go? It's an American restaurant." Song Jia was very fond of American food, since she has spent almost 3 years in States back then she has developed a taste for American food.

"You like Western food?" Wu Zhang was a little surprised. He thought she preferred everything Chinese and his expression has also by now turned back to normal.

"Yes I spent 3 years in America back then. So I started liking American food." Song Jia's expression has turned a little bitter when she mentioned this and Wu Zhang, who was paying such close attention to her had noticed it.

"Why did you live there?" Wu Zhang got a little curious to know about her. It had not been long since they met each other. And with what Li Jing searched about her it obviously mentioned her time in States. He has always wanted to know why she went their at such young age. She was only thirteen that time and from what he knew, Song Jia's grandfather was a very patriotic person and didn't like the influence of Western Countries. So why did they sent her?

Song Jia went silent after this question. She did not know how to answer, So she quietly responded after a minute, in a lowered voice, "Mr. Song sent me."

Wu Zhang understood it had something to do with her bad relation with her father, so he didn't ask further and changed the topic.

"Hey, are you free tomorrow?"


"Lets go to the restaurant you mentioned. I want to visit it."

"Ok, I will come for dinner then."

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