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When love beckons twice 46 I disappointed her

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--Song Mansion--

Yue Ling and Song Chen were sitting in the graden and enjoying tgeir evening tea. Yue Ling was checking her phone every now abd then. She looked a bit distracted as well. Song Chen noticed her odd behaviour, so he placed his tea cup on the table and looked at her, when she continued repeating the same thing a few more times he askes, "What is the matter"

"Ah? What matter?" Yue Ling acted a little surprised, although she clearly knew what Song Chen was referring to as 'matter'.

"Why do you keep checking your phone again and again?"

"Oh this. Ah! it's nothing." She waved her hand to deny it as she put on an anxious expression and pulled a helpless smile.

"You look worried. Tell me what is it?" Song Chen asked again trying to comfort her.

She smugged deep inside and continued "You already know, Tianxiao has worked so hard to appear for the job interview that was held today in the company. That child gave it his all." She paused to observe Song Chen's expression to analyse what he was thinking.

Song Chen was listening attentively as he nodded. "So what happened?"

"Poor child, he could not make it." She sighed as she said it.

The truth was, after being rejected by Song Jia, Yue Min had no choice but to let Yue Tianxiao sit for the interview. And as expected he could not make it through and got rejected. So she had put up all the act to try convincing Song Chen to open a back door for her nephew.

"That is bad. He is a hard working child. Tell him not to lose hope and try again."

What the heck! This old trash wants him to try again? He had never done anything good for her or her family. Piece of trash.

"I would sure have told him, if his call would go through." She tried to supress her anger and spoke making it sound as sad as possible.

"Why? What happened?" Song Chen asked with a little curiosity now.

"He.. after the interview he drove somewhere and has not gone back home yet. Yue Min and sister in law have been trying to contact him. But his phone was turned off. I told them to let me know immediately after they contact him. That is why I was so anxious. My poor child." Her eyes had already welled up and she was trying to control her tears from falling. Fake tears obviously, because Tianxiao was fine. She was lying plainly.

"Don't be sad Ling. "

"Can't you help him? Sister in law and brother have been so worried. I can't see my precious nephew suffering so much."

"You know much our daughter despises letting employees enter through back door. I don't want to make her upset."

"So is it okay if you upset me?" Yue Lin questioned. "And what daughter? She doesn't even acknowledge us as her parents. So why do you care so much about her? I understand if she won't accept me becuase I am not her biological mother. But you gave birth to her and that ungrateful brat won't even recognise you as her father. So why do you care?" Yue Ling was so angry. Why does he still have to care for that damned girl so much.

"It is only becuase I gave birth to her, her expectations were high from me. And I disappointed her to the point of no return. If I would get any chance to make up for the past, I will do that." Song Chen had become emotional, and his voice carried hints of guilt. He has understood that Yue Ling wanted him to help her nephew and being the Chairman of the company it was a piece of cake for him to do so. But he did not want to upset Song Jia by doing it, so he rejected her politely.
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