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Yue Min was so angry after coming out from Song Jia's office that his whole body was trembling from anger and he had clutched his fists so tight that his knuckles had turned white. He was the director of production department in Song International Corporations and has been trying to get his son, Yue Tianxiao the job of the director in finance department. However, the company had strict policies against nepotistic activities and given to his son's dumb brain, he knew he won't be able to secure the job through his own caliber. So he had tried to bribe and convince the human resource department director, even threatening him with his relation with Song Jia, but he was a very fair and honest person who abided all the rules in the company, so he denied his request straight away. Left with no choice he had gone to Song Jia hoping that she might help him. But that damned girl not only rejected him, she even humiliated him, by denying the relation of uncle and niece between them in front of her assistant. She gave him no face at all.

He was on his way back to his cabin, when his phone rang. It was his good for nothing son whom he loved too much was calling. He declined the call immediately because he was angry and he did not want to pour his anger out on his son. However Yue Tianxiao was quite impatient, so he called again, and this time he accepted the call. "Father what happened? Did she agree?" He asked imaptiently in his loud voice.

"That damned b*tch, she denied it without even thinking twice." He hissed from between his gritted teeth.

"Thud." A loud bang was heard from the other end of the phone. Tianxiao had hit a table with his fists.

"That sl*t, she sure has guts. How dare she not let me enter the company?" The initially loud voice had now become deep, with a sense of danger in it.

"Don't worry, I will try other methods. But no matter what, that job is yours." He assured his son and immediately rushed back to his cabin, only after he reached, he pulled out his phone to make another call. He called his sister, Yue Ling and just as the call got connected, he started complaining. "Sister what kind of a damned daughter you have?"

"What happened?" Yue Ling's concerned voice came from the other end.

"I wanted to get Yue Tianxiao a job in the company, but she denied it straight away."

"Have you fed your brain to the pigs?"

"Sister..." He was even more angry now.

"Who told you to go to her? She hates me more then anything else. What made you think she will help you?"

"Can't you ask brother in law?"

"That rotten old man is nothing but a piece of trash. He has been trying to mend his relation with his daughter. He won't go against her."

"Sister please help me. Tianxiao is like your son after all."

"I will see what I can do. Don't worry." Yue ling assured him and hung up.

Yue Ling's son had died when he was still a kid, and she could not get pregnant after that. So ever since then she had treated Yue Tianxiao as her son. And for Song Jia, she hated her to the core of her heart ever since she stepped foot in the Song household. When she was betrothed to Song Chen, she had thought that once her child is born, they would give everything to him, and she will somehow get rid of Song Jia, but that never happened.
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