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Song Jia was working in her office when her door knocked. She signalled Wei Xin who was arranging her files for her to check who it was. A middle aged man came inside and bowed slightly to her. "CEO Song, I have something to discuss with you."

"Yes, Mr. Yue. What is it?" She asked putting the pen in her hand aside.

"Umm... You know I have a son. Your cousin, Yue Tianxiao..." He seemed a little hesitant as he spoke.

"Get to the point Mr. Yue." Song Jia was getting impatient with him beating around the bush.

"Uhh.. Well your cousin has just come back after completing his studies, I was wondering if he could join the company."

"Sure. That is not a problem." Her words lit up the spark in Yue Min's eyes. However the spark was short lived when he heard her next words, "If he clears the recruitment process, he can join."

Yue Min's face dropped after hearing her, while Song Jia seemed nonchalant, and got back to the file she was reading.

"My dear niece, can't you be a little liberal towards your own cousin?" He tried to sugar coat his words with sweetness, while deep down he was dying with fury. This damned bitch! Can't she be a little more lenient?

"I am sorry Director Yue, this is a major corporation and not some charity organisation. We appoint our staff based on their qualifications and not their relations. And you know I strictly prohibit practice of nepotism in the company. So I can't do it myself. It will pass a wrong message to the other employess." Song Jia spoke without even looking at him.

"But he is a true gem, I tell you. He is very talented and you will regret not hiring him CEO Song."

"Director Yue, if he is so talented, let him sit for the interview and rest of the formalities, I am sure he will clear the procedures with his capabilites." Thei was sarcasm in her tone, and she had intentionally put extra emphasis on the word 'capabilities.'

Yue Min's mouth twitched after hearing her and when he could not convince her, he through his last card, relationship card. "Can't you give some face to your uncle?" His words were clearly meant to coax her.

Song Jia was had gotten annoyed by now, she still did not show it on her face and asked politely, acting slightly amused, "I wonder, when did you become my uncle Director Yue?"

"Your mother Yue Ling is my sister, is their still the need to ask how are we related?" Yue Min was so angry by now that he was gritting his teeth, as he growled.

"I think director Yue needs to refresh his memory, I Song Jia have never acknowledged Madam Song as my mother. She is my father's wife and that is it. Nothing more. So naturally any person related to her has got nothing to do with me."

Yue Min has clenched his fists in anger, her words made him want to strangle her to death. Before he could refute, Song Jia spoke further, "You may leave now. My time is very precious Director Yue."

"You.." He could do nothing more then cursing her in his heart. She was his boss and he could do nothing about it.

"Oh! One more thing, next time please don't bother me with such small matters." Then she turned to Wei Xin and spoke further, "Next time don't let just anyone barge into my office."

"Yes Ma'am."

"You will regret it Song Jia, I am telling you." He went out stomping his foot in anger.

Song Jia could not care about such people, so she paid him no heed and continued her work.
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