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Song Jia was dumbstruck and did not know how to respond. Beads of cold sweat has already appeared on her forehead. She hesitantly turned to look in tye direction of Wu Zhang who was standing by her side. While she opened her mouth to speak, she could not find words and at last was just looking at him nervously, her mouth opening and closing at short intervals, before she finally managed to speak, "Wu.. Wu Zhang... this.."

Wu Zhang was staring straight into her eyes and turned his body to face her. Their was an adorable charm in his deep brown eyes and the corners of his lips were slightly curled upwards. Slowly he took a step forward and out of reflex, Song Jia stepped backward. He took another step and Song Jia stepped back again. Out of nervousness, she felt her throat getting dry nervousness was written all over her face.

What the heck is wrong with this guy.

She was cursing inside but still, she could not refute. Wu Zhang kept moving forward forcing Song Jia to step back until her back finally hit the wall and she had no more space to move. He placed his palms on the wall next to either side of Song Jia's shoulders. He bent forward and brought his mouth next to her ears, and whispered in a very sexy manner, "Why are you so nervous?"

Song Jia who mind has gone blank by this time, somehow managed to answer, "What.. What are you doing? Mo.. move.. move back." She was so nervous that she started stuttering.

"What do you think?" He asked looking into her eyes.

"I... I.. nothing.. Nothing.. I am thinking nothing..." She shifted her gaze sidewards because she was too nervous to look into his eyes.

Wu Zhang was very much enjoying himself by teasing her. And when he could not control anymore he broke into a hysterical laughter, "Hahahah.... what did you think I was doing?"

After seeing him laugh like a maniac, Song Jia looked at his face and realised he was pulling her leg. Although she was relieved to find he was joking, but their was a glimmer of anticipation and hope in her eyes eaeliee that has faded now. She stomped her foot angrily and brushed his arms away, "Wu Zhang you scared me just now."

Scared? Was she really scared? Although he was hurt, he hid his emotions well because he knew she was not yet prepared to move on in life.

"I am not proposing to you, relax." Wu Zhang turned back after grabbing her wrist and pulling her towards the table.

"Then why the hell have you decorated this place like you have come to dine with your better half?"

Wu Zhang stopped in his place after hearing her question. He turned around to look at her and said in cello like voice, "Because I admire the woman standing in front of me, and I want her to know how it feels to be doted upon and to be loved. I want her to feel the warmth of affection and to make her realise how beautiful is the feeling of being taken care of. I know she is broken deep down and I also know she won't show it to anyone, She would rather put up a strong front to face the world. But I want her to know that i would always have her back no matter how tough the road is..."

He went silent after speaking his heart. The only thing he wanted to add in here was to tell her that he loved her, but he was afraid to freak her out so he chose to stop here.
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