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When love beckons twice 41 Is he going to propose

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Wu Zhang had quickly changed into his suit and was waiting for Song Jia outside the trial room. The shop assistant saw him waiting and went to him, "This suit looks good on you sir."

Wu Zhang nodded his head and said, " If the lady likes the dress, I will like this immediately."

Simply put, he would buy the suit only if Song Jia liked the dress, otherwise he will look for something else.

The assistant had noticed the warmth in Wu Zhang's eyes as he mentioned Song Jia, and smiled before going out of the trial area.

A few minutes later, Song Jia stepped out of the trial room as well, adjusting the hem of her dress. Because her head was bent to adjust the dress her hair fell in front partially covering her face.

Wu Zhang noticed she has come out and his mouth gaped open after seeing her and ge forgot to breathe for a moment. The girl in front of him looked like she has directly come out of a painiting, to be more precise some oriental painting. The green coloured gown complimented her smooth and creamy white skin really well and in the mirror behind her, her bare back was oozing with sexiness.

Wu Zhang reached closer and bent down in front of her. Song Jia was startled with his sudden action. "Wu Zhang what are you doi..."

Without even answering Wu zhang extended his had and with his long fingers carefully adjusted the folded hem line of her body con dress. After he was done he tilted his head to look into her eyes, "You... you look pretty."

Song Jia smiled shyily upon hearing the compliment and both of them went directly to the billing counter to buy the dress and the suit.


They were driving through the empty roads of C City and have almost reached the outskirts, when a resort came into their sight. It was Sky Lark, one of the most posh properties under Wu Corporations im C City.

The resort was very popular due to it being located amidst the nature and was required to be pre booked at least five months in advance to be able to make reservations.

The black bentley drove through the gates of Sky Lark and stopped at the entrance. Like a gentleman Wu Zhang helped Song Jia to come out of the car and walked inside holding her hand.

After setting in the first step in the dimly lit restaurant of the resort, Song Jia felt something was different. She curiously looked around and realised that except a few staff members, no customers were visible. It was just the two of them in that big empty restaurant.

In the middle, their was a table set up with a few candles in between and a soft music was playing in the background.

Song Jia's jaw dropped seeing such arrangement. She was a sensitive woman and has already felt that their was something different when Wu Zhang talked to her or when they were together. His aura would become really warm and affectionate. She had also felt it when he had helped her find Wei Xin. Without any questions and conditions he has agreed to find her because she was one of Song Jia's people. And after Wei Xin had pointed it out, she was somewhat certain about his feelings towards her, but she did not give it much thought. However now, looking at the dimly lit hall with candles, such romantic music playing on, her palms started to sweat. She was so nervous, she did not know how to react and she stood in her place like a statue.

What was happening?

Is he going to propose?

Wait, am I allowed to run away now?
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