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After Song Jia came out, she ran towards her car and got in. She drove out of the locality as soon as she could and kept driving without any destination in mind. After driving endlessly for over a good fifty minutes she reached to a lake. She stopped her car at the front of the short trail towards the lake. The trail gave the look of a tree tunnel as trees on either side formed a canopy over the trail. She has come here for the first time, but instead of feeling awed by the sorrounding, all she could think right now was that her heart was aching. She got out of the car and walked towards the lake. It was dark, but the moonlight falling over the lake water created a heaven like light and made the the area visible and beautiful. Just after she took a few steps and reached under a tree midway her knees gave up and she fell on the ground with a loud thud, kneeling, tears started pouring down her eyes. She wailed as loud as she could. She has endured for too long in front of Feng Ying not wanting to show how how weak she was, but her heart was breaking now. She subconciously reached for her hairs pulling them slightly as she cried louder. She bent forward as she sat on her calves, and felt like she was getting short of air. She kept crying until her eyes went blank and no more tears fell. It was already past 2 am and the night was cold. Yet she had no awarenss of the weather and she just sat under the tree, her arms wrapped around her knees , staring into oblivion with her now blank eyes. After some time it started raining and the night became colder, yet she had no response and showed no signs of going back. The rain kept pouring harder and soaking her wet. After some time Song Jia started shivering and the chattering of her teeth brought her back to her senses. She slowly got up holding onto the trunk of the tree but then all of a sudden her head started spinning and everything in front of her eyes turned hazy. With one hand she leaned towards the tree for support and with the other hand supported her head. She clung onto the tree harder but her legs started trembling, leading her to fall down and everything in front of her eyes turned dark...

----At the break of dawn---

It was around 6 am a tall masculine figure appeared near the lake where Song Jia lay unconcious. He was in his active wears and has come for a jog near the lake. When he noticed Song Jia he ran towards her. He stood in place as he looked at her. Thereafter he bent down and turned her towards him. As he touched her he realised her clothes were wet and her body was burning with fever. He then looked at her face which was hidden with her hairs. So he extended his arm and swiped the wet hair strands from her face and tucked them behind her ear to reveal her delicate face. Just with the first look he was mesmerised and forgot to blink his eyes. Only when his eyes started to hurt and formed tears he came back to his senses. He immediately picked the unconcious Song Jia in his arms and took her to his car parked at the entrance of the canopy. As he reached to his black bentley mulsanne he noticed a red ferrari parked nearby. He unlocked his car and placed Song Jia at the co pilot seat carefully before securing her seat belt. He then walked to the Ferrari and looked inside. Very soon he noticed that the car keys were still in its place and the car was unlocked. He had an intuition that this car belonged to the unconcious girl so he opened the door to confirm and immediately noticed a cell phone inside. He took it and pressed the power button. Although the mobile was secured with password the wallpaper was of Song Jia, which confirmed that the car was hers. So he took her phone and pulled out the keys before locking the car and taking away its keys and the mobile.

He then reached to his car and got iniside. As he took a glance at the girl beside him he had the urge to touch her face. But he controlled himself and drove off.
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