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"How can you beat me in so many rounds?" Wu Zhang asked a little amused.

"I told you I have played it before." Song Jia has by now got into a full gaming mode and was loving every minute of her gaming time.

"Do you want to play a best of three?" Wu Zhang proposed.

"Why not."

"Fine then, you gonna loose badly." He challenged her.

"What if I win?" Song Jia turned to look at him full of confidence.

"I'll fulfill your one wish, no matter what you ask." he said looking straight into her eyes.

"But what if I win, miss Song?" He was having fun teasing her.

"I'll do whatever you ask me to do." After playing so many rounds she was confident she could win.

"Fine then, here we go."

The first round started, both of them were playing simultaneously, on different machines this time. After 10 minutes Song Jia lost all her birds with a total score of 6 million points. So she turned around to look at Wu Zhang's points who was still playing. And her eyes popped out of her socket when she saw he was about to reach 10 billion and has only lost 2 birds out of 7.

"How did you score 10 billion?" Song Jia asked surprised.

"I am an expert in gaming. Don't you know." Wu Zhang exclaimed loudly.

Why does it feel like this guy has tricked me into accepting his challenge?

Song Jia had lost the first round. Her only hope was to win the other round. So she calmed herself down and started the next round.

And to her utter disbelief....

She lost it again.

"What the hell Wu Zhang, how did you score 15 billion?"

She could not believe that this guy who could barely surpass 5 billion has scored 15 billion points, while she scored 9 billion.

"I was being modest with you." Wu Zhang said like he was so generous.

Song Jia was speechless. This guy really needs to understand the meaning of modest.

"Fine, What do you want me to do?" She asked giving up.

"I will tell you when the time is right."

Irrespective of loosing to him, Song Jia was still happy for her day well spent.

"Where are we going?" She asked again as soon as she got into the car. "Don't you dare say that 'you will see'." Song Jia was really imaptient now.

"You won't see." Wu Zhang answered with a very serious expression.

Song Jia was again tongue tied. Where did he get this sense of humour from? Ain't CEO's supposed to be non-chalant?

He took her to a high end clothing store named Phoenix. It was a very popular brand among the upper class socialites and it's every dress costed millions.

A shop assistant greeted them immediately, when she saw the pair enter the store.

"Good evening sir, Good evening ma'am."

Wu Zhang greeted her by nodding his head while Song Jia was confused. "Why did you bring me here?"

"Because to the place we are going to now, our clothess would be inappropriate. Now Don't you dare ask where are we going."

Song Jia immediately closed her mouth she has opened to ask the exact same question.

While they were still talking, Song Jia caught sight of an emerald green halter neck gown. It was a pure silk backless dress.

The shop assistant followed her gaze and immediately got to business, "Ah! this gown is one of our latest designs and has arrived just yesterday." She immediately brought the dress to her. "You have a good eye to fashion."

"Give it a try." Wu Zhang nudged her towards the trial room.

He was looking around waiting for Song Jia to come out, when the assistant brought to him a black tuxedo with a pocket square of the same emerald green colour as that of Song Jia's dress.

"Sir, why don't you try it? You will make a great couple."

Wu Zhang had not liked it in the first glance, but when he heard the word 'couple' he immediately took it from her hands and went to the men's fitting room.
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