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Becuase they were going for tandem bungee jumping, they were harnessed together. Wu Zhang was very happy to be so close to her and was smiling ear to ear. On the other hand Song Jia was really nervous and not even for once looked down afraid that she might back out.

"Are you nervous?"

"Very." She has locked her arms around his neck while his was wrapped around her slender waist.

"Are you ready to jump?" He could not stop smiling seeing her so nervous yet so tempted to jump.

"I don't..." Before she could complete her sentence Wu Zhang has jumped. He was holding her tightly and she was so nervous she yelped with the sudden jump.

"Relax, Relax. look around. Open your eyes." He patted her lightly.

Song Jia slowly opened her eyes and the view mesmerised her. The Crown Hill was called so because its aerial view looked like a crown and the peak they jumped from was the highest.

The rush of adrenaline added to the view of the hills was breathtakingly beautiful. It was nothing new for Wu Zhang so he chose to look at the expressions of the woman in his arms while Song Jia was so engulfed in the sorrounding that her mouth gaped wide open.

Just within a few short moments they have reached the bottom of the hill and the staff their helped them out of the harness.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! I did it. I finally did it." Song Jia was chirping excitedly while jumping around.

Wu Zhang saw the care free smile on her face and his heart skipped a beat again. Stupid heart!.

"Let's go. I am hungry." He took her to a hotel nearby and they settled down for their meal.

"It's been long I have felt this happy." Song Jia spoke while taking a bite of roasted pork ribs from her plate.

"This place is amazing. I come here often."

"Bring me next time when you come."


It was already around 4 when they drove to the most buzzing place in C City, The Thunder Building. It was a fifteen storey building consisting of Casinos and arcades. The top two floors were the VIP lounge were only the platinum card holders were allowed access to. Wu Zhang was out of those rich people who loved to burn their money so he came to such places a lot, while, Song Jia was always the introvert girl whose life had till now revolved around the comapnay and her moronic ex Feng Ying, therefore she never came to such loud places. So she was a little uncomfortable at first when they entered.

Wu Zhang took her to the arcade section first. Song Jia was still looking around without much enthusiasm when she noticed an arcade version of angry birds and tucked on Wu Zhang's sleeve excitedly. "Wu Zhang let's go their."

Wu Zhang had played almost every game in this place and would often hit jackpots.

The game was to kill the pigs in every room without running out of birds.

Song Jia chose to observe first while Wu Zhang demonstrated the game to her and within just a few minutes she got familiar. Wu Zhang had scored 5 million points

Surprisingly, when Song Jia gave it her first try, she scored higher then Wu Zhang with a total of 5.5 million.

Wu Zhang was shocked. "Ain't you playing it for the first time?" His jaw has dropped down.

"I have played it in my phone." Song Jia spoke as she released bomb(in game character) to hit the pigs and killed them in one go.

They played several rounds and they scored very close to the other person's score.
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