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When love beckons twice 38 The first date

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It was around 11 am when Wu Zhang had reached Wave Manor to pick Song Jia up. He had planned an entire day out with her.

He did not know what Song Jia felt about this outing, but for him it was his first proper date. They have gone for dinner last time an have even attended a party together, but the dinner was just a formal invitation from her side and because they were still some what like strangers to each other that time, the feeling of warmth was missing. And as for the party in Imperial University, it had turned to be into a war between romantic rivals and had given them no privacy until after Song Jia's mood has dropped low. So this was the first time he had planned an entire day for her as per his own choices and he would have her completely for himself.

As he reached the doors of the Wave Manor, Song jia, who was probably already waiting for him came out. Shevwas not very fond of dressing up so she had worn simple clothes. A pink polka dotted top and a pair of blue jeans. Her hair was falling loosely all over her back and she had minimal make up on. She looked like a college going girl and not at all like a CEO of a big shot company like Song Internaltional Corporations. Wu Zhang has already seen her before, but every time he would see her his heart would skip a beat.

"Come sit." He opened the door of his bentley like a gentleman for her and she happily hopped in.

"Where are we going?"

"You will see." He answered with a wink.


On the hour long drive Song Jia guessed names of every place that she could think of and all of them were wrong. Finally she noticed the car driving towards The Crown Hills. It was one of the highest hills near C City and was a very famous spot for bungee jumping and paragliding. Down the hill their was a river where people came for water sports like rafting and kayaking. Just the thought of height made her nervous.

Before she could make some more guesses Wu Zhang parked the car and opened her door.

"What are we going to do?"

"Exactly what this place is famous for." Then he took her hands and pulled her towards a small room. The room was the instruction room where the clients were given some basic instructions for dos and don'ts. A Caucasian man named Robert, in his early thirtees greeted them.

"Mr. Wu welcome. Welcome madam...." He looked a little confused. Wu Zhang was a regular at this place because he loved such things but he would either come alone or with his gang of male friends. This was the first time he has come with a woman so Robert could not help askng, "Sir this is?"

"She is my friend Miss Song." Wu Zhang imtroduced her casually.

"Welcome Miss Song." Song Jia nodded in response.

After checking their wights and getting the basic instructions which were mainly for Song Jia because she looked nervous, they were taken to the top.

"Wu Zhang can we go for tandem jumping?" Song Jia asked slowly.

"Why?" Wu Zhang knew she was nervous because it was her first time but he acted like he has not noticed her nervousness.

"I.. I am feeling nervous." Song Jia spoke the truth.

"Haha.. But won't we be too close then?" Wu Zhang teased her.

Her cheeks flushed red, but she was very tempted to give bungee jumping a try. "It's just a jump. I don't mind."

"Well okay then."
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