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---At the hospital in N City---

In the VIP ward of director Jiang Xuan, a woman with pale face was sitting by the director's bed side, with tears in her eyes. She was director Jiang's wife. And their two children were standing beside them.

"Was every thing fine back at home? Did you get hurt?" Director Jiang asked in a weak voice. It had already been a month in the hospital and only today had his wife and children been allowed to leave their home and come to visit him. Ever since the accident has happened they have been kept hostage and were not allowed to step out. Director Juang was being blackmailed and he could not tell Song Jia anything apart from slightly hinting her.

"Yes, we are all fine." his wife spoke while sobbing in between and held his hand gently patting the back of his palm.

"But what exactly happened dad? Even the goons at our place never spoke a word about it." The elder son asked.

Director Jiang's lips turned into a straight line after he pressed them. It was clear he could not speak about it. And both his son and daughter were mature enough to understand it. So they didn't push him further.

"I have asked the hospital for your discharge. We can take you back home. But.." his wife was hesitant to complete her sentence.

"But what?" Director Jiang looked worried. He knew something was odd.

"We have been threatened to leave the city, and never come back." The daughter spoke this time, looking uncomfortable.

Ir was already a traumatic incident for them to have been kept as hostage for a month above the situation that their father was hurt and in the hospital and to top it all, they could not visit him. The only thing that was left now was to leave the city they have grown up in which had also become inevitable now.

"Leave the city?" Director Jiang Xuan was silent before he spoke again, "It's alright. I have been thinking about it for a while. That city is not safe for us anymore. It's best if we leave ."

His wife started sobbing again. "It must have been hard for you to live here alone. We are sorry.''

"It's alright. President Song made all the arrangements for me. So I was fine. Just worried about my family. But now that I have seen you, I feel better."

"We will leave tomorrow in the morning, I will go and get the discharge formalities done." His son left the room taking long strides.


Song Jia has had a long tay of tiring meetings which has drained all her energy. She was sitting in her office doing some last minute work before she could wrap up when her phone rang. She was a little surprised to see the caller, it was Wu Zhang and it had been quite some time since they have contacted. But somehow after seeing the call was fr him, she felt like all her tiredness has evaporated and she felt refreshed.

"Wu Zhang, how are you?" she asked excitedly just as she accepted the call.

"I am awesome." A sexy and mellow voice came from the other end.

"Hahaha.. can you not be a little modest sometimes?" She was amazed to see how he kept boasting about himself all the time. Seeing that an almighty CEO of an almighty empire boasting so much, she found it childish.. yet cute.

Jiao lili, her office secretary who was arranging the files in Song Jia's office and was standing nearby was surprised to see her laugh so carelessly. It had been a long time since she has seen her boss laugh so innocently.

"What is the need? Don't you agree that I am?" he asked chuckling.

"Ok fine, I do." she said smiling.

"Are you free tomorrow?" Wu Zhang asked nervously.

"Yes I am. Why?" The truth was Song Jia was not at all free the next day. She had meetings lined up one after the other yet she could not bring herself to speak the truth somehow.

"Want to go out?"


"You will see. So are you coming?"

Song Jia gave it some thought before she replied to him. "Okay."
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