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It was already late after Wu Zhang quenched everyone's thirst for information about Song jia, so Wu Zhang had stayed back in the old mansion on the request of old madam and was currently sitting in the garden with Wu Zihao smoking cigarette. Wu Zihao was having jet lag and could not sleep. So he had requested Wu Zhang to accompany him. The air was filled with white smoke and the smell of tobacco.

"So what have you decided?"

"Nothing as for now." Wu Zhang replied calmly after letting out a small cloud of white smoke.

"Brother, do you really think it would be possible for her to come to you?"

"Why? Am i that despicable?" he asked with a chuckle.

"I did not mean to say that brother. You are taking me wrong. I mean she has loved that man so deeply. Would she be able to let go?" Wu Zihao was concerned for his brother. He knew his brother has never fallen in love. And this time when he did, it was with a woman that loved someone else and was heart-broken. It is easy to speak about healing a broken heart, but no one knew better then him how difficult it was actually. He was happy that his brother finally found someone.But what worried him more was what if that woman didn't love him back. What if she could not let go of her past and accept him? What if... He had a lot of 'what ifs' in his mind while he had answeres to none.

"I don't know." Their was uncertainity in Wu Zhang's eys as he replied.

He knew what his brother has said was the truth, but it was difficult for him to accept it. He wanted her to love him back but at the same time he knew she loved Feng Ying. But one thing that he was very certain about was, he would never give up on her. Even if she could not open her heart to him, he would never shut the doors on her.

It was silent for some time, and no one spoke anything. The number of cigarette butts lying near them was a clear indication that theybhad stayed their for long. The two brothers have always had a very close bond between them and so they understood each other quite well.

"What about her?" Wu Zhang asked slowly, as he took another puff.

Their was silence again for some times and no one spoke. But just the mention of 'her' lead Wu Zihao's expression to darken a multiple times. His spirits that were initially high have dampened now.

Because of his silence Wu Zhang thought he did not want to speak about her and when he has finally thought that he would not answer, and was about to change the topic, Wu Zihao spoke "I don't know. I have tried looking for her. But I never found her." Their was sadnees in his eyes. He took a long puff, "It is like she just vanished in thin air." He sighed as he spoke with sadness.

"I thought you had good investigative skills. Three years were not enough to find her?"

"Brother, we are talking about America, not China. Had it been China, I would have found her."

He sighed and then took a long puff before finally throwing the burnt out butt away and sprang back to his feet like nothing had happened. His expression was back to normal. "It's late, I shall go back first. I am tired."

"Mmm" Wu Zhang didn't stop him back and just looked at his back as Wu Zihao went inside.

Wu Zihao was tired but he could not sleep. His thoughts were wandering and his sleep was long lost just with the mention of that person.
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