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Old madam has indeed cooked a lot of food, some of which were Moo Shu Pork, vegeatable dumplings, Wonton soup, Roasted duck, Sichuan Shredded Chicken and a lot more. It was indeed a feast to both eyes and stomach.

Wu Zhang was busy digging food from his plate, when two men entered the house. One was a middle aged man donning a custom made Armani suit, while the other one who was a young man in his mid twenties was wearing casual pants and t shirt.

"So you got everyone's attention for you brother? Not fair." Wu Zihao spoke with an expression of fake jealousy.

"Wu Zihao!!" Mo Biyu and old madam spoke in unison. Both had a surprised expression on their face, but it still showed how happy they were to see Wu Zihao.

"Why did you not tell me that you were coming?" Mo Biyu immediately got up from her chair and rushed to Wu Zihao to hug him tightly. Old madam also got up from her place slowly and walked towards them.

Wu Zihao smiled happily as he saw his mother, and hugged her back. "Because I wanted to come back peacefully. If I told you, my phone would have exploded from your calls before I could reach home."

"You rascal." Mo Biyu slapped his chest hard while others started laughing.

Mo Biyu then looked at her husband, Wu Jinhai who has come along with Wu Zihao, "How dare you hide his arrival from me? Why did you not tell me?"

"I met him outside." He lifted both his hands till next to his shoulders in defence.

"Grandmother, how are you?" Wu Zihao went to his grandmother to greet her. Old madam was too happy to be content. It was rare for them to gather all together at one place. Both her grandsons and her son were busy working all day long and barely got time to visit her.

"I am fine, I am fine my child." she looked dotingly at him and then switched to her nagging mode again.

"Why have you lost so much weight?"

"Isn't the food good in America?"

"Why do you work so much that you can't even take care of yourself?"

"Tell me who is your cook in America?"

"I will get him fired immediately."

Wu Zihao looked helplessly towards his brother who had a slight smile on his face. These were the same words old madam has spoken to him a few minutes back. For her, no matter how healthy they were, they would still be her small and fragile grandsons whom she loved a lot.

"We were just having dinner, why don't you go and wash up first, and have your dinner before it turns cold."

"Yes! Yes! I am very hungry. I will go up immediately." Saying this Wu Zihao rushed to his room upstairs to freshen up.

Everyone was already seated when he came back. The aroma of food has taken his bar of hunger to the maximum level and he could not wait to dig in, so he had rushed back as fast as he could. Wu Zhang had almost finished eating by that time and was about to get up when Wu Zihao stopped him, "brother you can't go. Can't go."


"Because you haven't told me about sister-in-law." Wu Zihao's eyes were sparkling with excitement to know about his brother's love life and his nosy nature would not allow him to not bother about it. So he had to get the information out.

"Oh yes I had almost forgotten about it, until you spoke of it. Yes Zhang, tell us about it." this time old madam also joined in.

"Quick, quick. Tell Tell. "Wu Zihao was so eager he started repeating every word.

Wu Zhang looked at everyone's curious eyes and he knew why they were so excited to call him back at the old mansion. They were not bothered to meet him but to know about Song Jia. He was surprised how fast his family has already switched sides.
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