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When love beckons twice 34 Visit to old mansion

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It was just 5 pm when Wu Zhang wrapped up his work and was ready to leave for the old mansion. He called Li Jing inside before leaving, "Have you investigated the matter in N City?"

"President, our people are still looking into it. But we have not found any evidence yet."

"Then send more people their."

"I am afraid, it won't be of much help."

"Why do you say so?" Wu Zhang arched his eye brow.

"President, all the people we have sent, some of them have either returned empty handed, or else they have not come back at all, and we have no clue where the all of them have gone."

"Nothing could be found?" Wu Zhang was a little surprised as well. This was the first time, it took his team so long to investigate in to a matter. And they could not find any evidence either.

"No boss, I think the person behind it is very cautious and sly. They did not leave behind any evidence at all."

"Ok." Such response confused Li Jing. Wasn't boss trying to save his damsel in distress?

Without talking further, Wu Zhang went out of the office and drove directly to the old mansion.

The old mansion was built by Grandfather Wu during his youth days and was the wedding gift given by him to his dear wife, grandma Wu. It was built in vintage chinese style, and every brick of the mansion spoke of royalty.

When Wu Zhang's bentley entered, he was greeted by the old housekeeper, while the maid standing along with the housekeeper, ran inside to inform the old madam about Wu Zhang's arrival.

"Good evening elder young mastsr, old madam has been waiting for you. Please come." The housekeeper was a courteous old man.

"En" Wu Zhang didn't bother talking much and went inside. Old madam was waiting for him since morning, and was now coming out hurriedly to meet her precious grandchild.

"Ai! my little gem, you finally got time to meet this old lady." old madam has become emotional as she saw Wu Zhang and was rubbing her palms affectionately on his shoulders and arms to feel her grandson. Wu Zhang let her do it for sometimes. Lately he had been visiting the old mansion less and less due to the workload, and Wu Zihao was in America, so grandma also got less chances to meet her grandsons. Hence everytime she saw them, she would get emotional.

"Let's go inside Grandmother." Wu Zhang took her wrinkled hand in his masculine palms to help her walk inside.

"Grandmother has prepared all of your favourite dishes, you came right on time." She was so happy to see him that she could not stop talking.

"Why have you lost so much weight?"

"Don't the stupid people in your mansion feed you properly?"

"Tell them to start working properly, or your grandmother will fire all of them."

Old madam went in nagging about his weight loss and diet while Wu Zhang laughed softly without refuting.

"Oh, Zhang you have come. Good Good come sit. Your grandmother has prepared all the food personally for you." Wu Zhang's mother Mo Biyu spoke who was setting up the dinning table with the help of a maid, when she saw Wu Zhang coming in with old madam.

Wu Zhang took a glance at the table that was filled by various dishes and not had even an inch of empty space.

"Eat a lot " Old madam spoke with a voice filled with love as the maids served the dishes to Wu Zhang. They were only three people at the table because Wu Zhang's father was not yet home.

"Oh, these girls,. give it to me. I will feed my child." Old madam took the bowls from which the maids were serving because she felt they were serving a very small portion of everything to him.
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