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When love beckons twice 33 It takes time to mend a broken hear

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Their was nothing shocking in the Wu's knowing about Song Jia's date with Wu Zhang. They were the founding member of the university and Wu Zhang's father was constantly in touch with the principal of Imperial University. And after seeing Wu Zhang bring a date along with him, their was no way the principal would not triy to convey this to the Wu parents. He had send them a copy of the photo album of the party which also contained a lot of picture of Wu Zhang and Song Jia together. And everyone was naturally happy for Wu Zhang. Mother Wu had immediately called Wu Zihao to ask him about the blooming love life of his elder brother, but Wu Zihao had no idea about it. So she could not hold back her curiosity and imnediately came to look for him.

After hearing his mother's base less argument Wu Zhang took a deep breath and calmed himself down, but mother Wu had no intention to stop talking and she went on asking questions,

Mother Wu, "Tell me who is it?"

Wu Zhang, "..."

Mother Wu, "Do you like her?"

Wu Zhang, "..."

Mother Wu, "Have you started dating?"

Wu Zhang, ".."

Mother Wu, "When are you bringing her home to meet us?"

When Wu Zhang could not take it any more he spoke, "Mom, I just met her few days back."

"Who is she?" Mother Wu could not contain her excitement as her eyes shone brightly.

"She is Song Jia, president of Song empire." Wu Zhang had nothing more to say, becuase he knew Song Jia loved someone else and that man had broken her heart. And he knew it was not easy to mend a broken heart. As this thought came to him, his expression turned gloomy and his eyes got dark.

Mother Wu was initially overjoyed to hear her identity. Which mother would not like her son to have a woman who could stand at par with him to share his burden. But she instantly noticed this change in expression of her son and asked immediately, "What? She doesn't love you?"

Wu Zhang responded with silence.

The excitement that was previously so prominent in Mother Wu's eyes disappeared immediately and turned into slight frustration, "how can any woman not like my son?"

"The first day we met was when she had broken up with her boyfriend." Wu Zhang chkse to speak the truth as he answered slowly with a hint of disappointment in his eye.

"Give her some time, my son is amazing she will definitely fall for you." Mother Wu tried to console her son. "Oh by the way, when are you planning to come home? Your grandmother misses you so much. She has been asking about you."

"I will drop by tomorrow." Wu Zhang had a very close relationship with his grandmother and she loved him a lot. He was often sick when he was a kid and had a weak immune system. And old people are naturally tend to take care of the weak child more. Their had been a time when Wu Zhang caught pneumonia and had narrowly escaped death. Since then grandma Wu never let him go out of his sight and loved him endlessly. While Wu Zhang was always serious towards his studies and life style, Wu Zihao was a trouble maker and a very naughty child who loved to play little pranks and tricks on people around him ever now and then. Although they were harmless but he would still get beaten up by his parents for always creating trouble and Wu Zhang would take the responsibilty to save him. After they grew up Wu Zhang took over the Wu Corporations as its president and Wu Zihao went to United States to take care of the subsidiary companies under Wu Corporations in America.

"I will go back then. Come early tomorrow." Mother Wu decided to leave after Wu Zhang dampened her spirits a little.

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